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'Are you ready' Alpha Damon asked. We were at the meeting grounds with a very paranoid pack. ''We were born ready'' He nodded and made his way to the podium.

Good day everyone as you all can tell there was a distress howl. Today I have good news and bad news, in a matter of months our pack will be going to war against a very deadly rouge pack.  Our chances of survival are slim" I could hear all there shocked gasp, the pack started freaking out before Alpha Damon began again. "Quiet everyone this is where the good news come."

"Living among us are three warriors who have been training for this moment their whole lives. They have been living and protecting us from rogues for years, these people are here by choice they made a vow to respect and protect us even though they were treated horribly by most of you.  These warriors personal friends of mine have done so much for us yet during their stay have been treated horribly. Sometimes I wonder why they even stayed, but I will be forever grateful to them for protecting my pack"

"Please welcome the daughter of the moon goddess princess Ember and her warriors Lui and Dima."

Stepping out to a shocked crowd of people staring at you is really creepy.

''Hah they can't protect us'' someone shouted causing me and the guys along with the alpha to growl. ''Do you dare question your princess or your alpha, I should throw you out, apologize'' he roared in his alpha voice.

''Its fine Alpha Damon'' *gasp* yes yes I know I have an amazing voice

''Hello everyone as most of you know I'm Ember, youngest child of the moon goddess and princess of the shifters. My best mates Lui and Dima best warriors in all the realm'' ''Alpha Damoms right were here by choice and it’s because of him and his wife that we have stayed to protect his pack, we will train you the best we can and fight alongside you in battle, I’m not going to sugar coat this these upcoming months will be brutal you will have school and work until one and hell from three until eight everyday''

"You are required to show up on time every day and if anyone is late without a valid excuse punishment will be given. Alpha'' I said turning to him.

'' I think everyone would appreciate it if you guys came out in your true form''
I looked at the guys using my eyes asking them if they were up for it, nodding we stepped back the guys standing next to me protectively. Channelling our angel our body started to glow really bright, I could feel my wings spreading and my clothes changing. My wig disappeared letting my red hair fan out over my armour suit. The guys were dressed in similar outfits to each other, tight leather vest made from the skin of the Nemea Lion, Trojan skirt, knee high warrior boots and their weapons. 

Dima had his sword and shield and lui had a hand axe and sword, I on the other hand carried both broad and roble sword.  My armor was a girl version of the guys instead it was my boots were thigh high wrapped around my legs with wings. I had on royal army, mine was a warrior dress, elbow length angel gloves and shoulder covers.

As the light dimmed I watched as they gaped at us. The girls were drooling over Dima and lui even the mated ones while the guys openly checked me out which is creepy might I add. Dima saw my discomfort and growled loudly snapping them out of their "trance". The little kids at the front ran up to the front of the stage trying to get a better look.

It felt good to be in angel form, sure I could spurt my wings but that’s it but going full angel gave me a sense of bliss. I looked down at the little kids trying to peak over the stage before jumping down, Dima and Lui following protectively.

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