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Your POV

It's hard to have a relationship with someone when two of your siblings are famous. Being a triplet and all.

It's hard to keep your life private because there are always annoying fans who like to meddle with your life.

I mean I'm lucky enough to be invisible. Two of my sisters are really famous. One of them is a famous pop singer and one is a well known actress. Their names are Charlie and Quinn. Charlie is the actress and Quinn and is the singer.

Media clearly knows they're twins but they don't know they have a triplet, which is me. We're completely identical so when people take pictures of me outside they would assume that it's Charlie or Quinn.

One time a paparazzi took a picture of me munching on a burrito in a wrong way, like that fake Justin Bieber. It was a revenge for Quinn because she was making fun of my haircut. Posting it in her Instagram saying it was a funny edit even though it wasn't an edit it was me.

So I wore one of her shirt and started eating a burrito in a weird way in the middle of the park so the media talk about her.

And they did. Charlie was quick to say it wasn't her by laughing at the post and tagging Quinn.

After that I told her to delete the picture or I'll do another weird shit in public. She did delete the picture.

Not gonna lie the haircut was shit. Thank god my hair is back to normal now.

My long luscious hair.

Anyways. Speaking of hard time having a relationship. I am having a hard time getting a girlfriend because girls always assume I'm a catfish.

I can't even use my own picture because they would assume I'm one of my sisters. My accounts had been reported for being a "poser".

Right now I'm currently talking to a girl and she she's mad because she thinks my profile is not me and the pictures I sent is not me.

We've been talking and and a little bit of flirting online for 7 months now.

I asked her if we can FaceTime but she really thinks I'm a pervert.

She asked me to take a selfie beside random stuff and I did but she still don't believe me.

Then finally she mentioned my sisters.

I told her multiple times that they're my sister but she's basing everything on the internet.

I even sent a video of me saying what needed to be said but she still thinks I'm lying because apparently it's edited.

Right now I just sent Lauren another video and in the video I showed her my laptop with our conversations.

At the end I told her for the hundredth time that I'm real.

I can't show her a picture of me and my sisters without my sisters' permission.

They can't know I'm talking to someone online because they would tell me to stop.

Lauren Jauregui is the girl I'm talking to and she's from Miami.

I met her in a dating site (duh) and we just started talking.

She told me at first she knows I'm a catfish and she just started talking to me for fun but then we got more closer because I'm charming hehe.

Now she wants me to admit I'm a catfish because she thinks I'm not being real with her.

I called Lauren again and she finally answered.


"Are you finally going to admit you're a catfish?" I heard Lauren's voice.

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