I'm Ready

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Today is the day where Y/N introduce her girlfriend to her friends.

It's really rare for Y/N to have a serious relationship.

It's not like she always sleep around. She just really love her job and decided to work instead of having a special someone.

Y/N thought she didn't need someone but that actually changed when a girl had bumped into her in the coffee shop and spilled her hot coffee all over her.

The girl just started blabbing apologies until she was in tears.

Y/N calmed the girl down by buying her hot chocolate.

Ever since that day, Y/N had been interested with the girl named Lauren.

Right now Y/N and Lauren are getting ready to meet Y/N's friends.

Her only friends are her friends from work.

Y/N knew that Lauren takes HOURS to get ready.

She woke Lauren up early and they started their day.

After an hour, Y/N was all done.

She entered her room and there she saw her girlfriend.

Lauren's on her phone with a towel on her head and around her body.

"Lauren, come on! We'll be late!"

Lauren didn't listen to Y/N.


"I'm ready! I just have to put on my shoes..." Lauren muttered.

Y/N sighed and she walked to her girlfriend and snatched her phone.

"Hey! Give it back- Y/N!" Lauren stomped her foot when Y/N put Lauren's phone in her pocket.

"I said get ready. We're going to be late." Y/N said and Lauren looked at the wall clock.

"It's only 8:30!"

"Exactly. We need to be there at 10 and we both know that it's takes hours for you to get ready." Y/N said and Lauren huffed, disagreeing with Y/N.

Y/N chuckled and she sat on the bed and watch her girlfriend get ready.

She bit her lip when Lauren let go of her towel and put her lace bra and panties.

"Heyyy, who are you trying to impress with those lace. Change!" Y/N exclaimed.

Lauren ignored her and just went in the closet.

She got out with bunch of clothes in her arms.

This is Y/N's favourite part because Lauren always ask her which outfit should she wear and at the end of the day she would pick the first one she tried on.

Lauren tried on a simple high waisted jeans, tank top that she tucked in her jeans, and Y/N's flannel.

"Babe, what do you think about this? Should I lose the flannel?" Lauren faced Y/N.

"You look perfect, baby." Y/N smiled and Lauren blushed.

"Oh don't be a sap! I don't like this." Lauren start to take off the flannel and tank top.

She ignored the pile of clothes she pulled out from the closet, that's now spread out on the floor, and she walked in their shared closet again and started to dig through Y/N's clothes.

Y/N just chuckled and she stated to clean Lauren's mess.

"Babe, why don't you do your hair and make-up first and I'll look for an outfit." Y/N said and Lauren ran out of the closet.


Y/N organized their closet and she looked through her clothes that Lauren always wear.

After a while, they only have 30 minutes left before they leave.

Lauren was done with her face and hair.

She walked towards Y/N and Y/N can't help but to look at her boobs.

"Eyes up." Lauren put two fingers on Y/N's chin and tilted them up.

"Hehe, sorry." Y/N wrapped her arms on Lauren's waist and started to pepper kiss her neck.

Lauren giggled and pushed her head away.

"Stooop! Let's focus on the clothes and save that for later." Lauren said and kissed Y/N's lips.

Y/N groaned and sighed.

"Fine. I have the clothing here." Y/N pointed on the bed and Lauren made a thinking face.

"Hmmm. I don't like them. I want something- OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?!" Lauren ran in the closet and she pulled out a hoodie from the back of Y/N's closet.

"Oh no." Y/N groaned when she saw Lauren pull out a hoodie.

The hoodie was Y/N's old high school jazz band hoodie.

She was a total loser back then and she just played an instrument (clarinet, the easiest one) because the teacher grade students so high, it doesn't matter if you play or not.

The hoodie was big because Y/N had a little weight back then and she like her clothes baggy because it's comfy.

The hoodie has Y/N's name on the sleeves and clarinet on the back and Y/N's school name on the front.

"Not that!" Y/N was about to take it but Lauren already wore it.

"It's so comfyyyy!" Lauren hugged herself.

Y/N groaned and Lauren hugged her.

"My wittle musician." Lauren cooed and planted pecks on Y/N's face.

Y/N just whined and sat Lauren down on the bed.

Lauren kept gushing about Y/N playing clarinet while Y/N help her put her shoes on.

Y/N put her shoes on next then tugged Lauren up.

"Come on, we're gonna be late."


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