Kiss Cam

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"Excuse me... Pardon.... Sorry!...." Y/N wiggle to her seat.

She finally plop down on her seat. Some of her popcorn going on the floor.

Her big brother's playing and she's excited because this is the first time she got a break with work.

When her bother was called out Y/N cheered her ass out!

"LETS GO JORDAN!!!!" She yelled so loud she almost drop her chillidog.

Throughout the game, Y/N was too focus to even see the person beside her.

Her left side. Her right side is empty. The kid who sat there before left because he said it's "boring".

Good for Y/N though because she has more space.

She grabbed another handful of popcorn and she stopped when she grabbed someone's hand.

Y/N looked slowly to her right and she saw a blushing girl with beautiful green eyes.

"Hi." That's the only thing Y/N can think of.

"Um... I'm so sorry! I was just so hungry and I can't get food because I'm not allowed to go and you just have so much-"

"It's um okay. You want my extra chilidog?" Y/N asked and the girl's eyes lit up.

She nodded fast and Y/N gave her the food.

The girl took a bite and let out a moan.

Y/N's jaw dropped as she watch as chilli drip down the girl's chin.

Why is this so sexy. Y/N thought.

"I'm Y/N, by the way." Y/N held out her clean hand.

The girl just smiled at her and shook her hand.

Y/N waited until the girl swallowed her food.

"So what's your name?" Y/N asked and the girl stopped and looked at Y/N with wide eyes.

"You don't know me?" The girl asked and Y/N shook her head.

The girl looks relieved and Y/N decided to grab a napkin and offer it.

"Thank you! I'm Lauren. It's nice to meet you." Lauren smiled and Y/N smiled too.

Y/N was about to talk but someone beside Lauren talked.

"Lauren, the flex cam is about to start. I can feel it. Stop slopping on that hot dog and look hot so everyone see me with my hot girlfriend." The guy said arrogantly and Y/N almost punched him.

"Shut up, Brad." Lauren rolled her eyes and continued eating.

"Is that your boyfriend?" Y/N asked and Lauren shirts and shook her head.

"He wishes. We're just here for a publicity stunt."

"What's that?" Y/N asked and Lauren wipes her mouth again.

Y/N offered her rootbeer and Lauren thanked her again and took a sip.

"It's like fake dating to help popularity grow." Lauren said again and took the last bite of her food.

Y/N looked at her with a confuse look.

"Are you like a celebrity?"

Lauren stopped chewing and paused before shaking her head.

She swallowed and cleared her throat.

"Nope! No. Haha I wish." Lauren laughed nervously and Y/N just nods.

"So what are you doing here?" Lauren asked with a tiny smirk.

"My brother's actually playing. He's number 12 on the red team." Y/N smiled and looked at the game and pointed to her brother.

Lauren and Y/N talked the whole game, giggling and smiling together.

Then it's halftime.

Y/N looked to big screen and they're doing the kiss cam.

Lauren was pulled by her fake boyfriend.

After a few minutes, the camera went to Lauren and her fake boyfriend.

Y/N cringe when he saw the guy flexing his nonexistent muscles.

Like there's literally no muscle found.

Lauren looked annoyed.

"Dude, its a kiss cam! Stop flexing and kiss your girlfriend!" Someone yelled and the guy just flipped the person off and continued flexing.

He took his shirt off and the camera finally changed to other people.

"Yikes. That was really a cringe." Y/N said and Lauren just groaned, covering her face in embarrassment.

Y/N smiled at how cute Lauren looks.

While Y/N gawks at Lauren she didn't notice the camera going back to Lauren and her fake boyfriend.

Lauren finally uncovered her eyes and she saw the camera.

She got an idea and turned to Y/N, who's still gawking at her.

"Can I have this?" Lauren asked, pointing at the popcorn on Y/N's lap.

"Oh yeah! Sure!" Y/N said and Lauren grabbed it and threw it at the empty seat beside Y/N.

Lauren looked at the camera and she stood up.

"Where are you goi-!" Lauren plopped on Y/N's lap and grabbed her cheeks.

Lauren crashed their lips together.

Everyone let out a loud cheer and Brad smirked, still flexing, thinking people are cheering on him but they're all actually cheering for Lauren and Y/N.

Lauren and Y/N continued to make out.

Y/N wrapped her arms around Lauren's waist and pulled her closer.

Brad looked at the screen and his face dropped.

Y/N and Lauren are still kissing.

The camera zoomed out and they showed how Brad yell at Y/N and Lauren.

Lauren rolled her eyes and stood up from Y/N's lap.

Y/N watch with wide eyes as Lauren grab her other rootbeer and opened it.

Brad kept yelling at Lauren and Y/N so Lauren walk up to him and dumped the drink on Brad's head.

The camera got everything and everyone saw it.

But what Y/N's worried about is-

"My rootbeer!" Y/N screamed in agony.

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