Gone (2)

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Y/N got out the bus, pulling her bag full of clothes.

She finished college and she finally got to leave that boring town.

It's been almost seven years since Lauren left her and everything about her changed.

She waited for Lauren for three years and eventually gave up.

She still have Lauren's number memorized.

The last day she called the number she broke her phone and almost everything in her room.

She became a huge hothead and whoever talks to her at school she beat them up.

The orphanage she lived in always punished her and made her kneel on mongo beans for hours every time she gets detention or suspended.

She's happy that she managed to leave the place when she was 18.

The only problem she had was being homeless.

She stayed wherever and sang on streets for money.

She eventually decided to go to college.

She's lucky she got scholarship at the college she applied in.

She took computer science even though she wanted to take music.

Not even a day after graduating, she left that lame ass town.

The first location Y/N went to is a bar called Under The Radar.

She went in, carrying her bag and looked around.

The people here is different from the people in that boring town she lived in.

Y/N clenched her fist when someone pushed her.

"Watch where you're going!" Some guy yelled and Y/N glared at the person.

As she was heading to the bar, she heard yelling.

She looked at the stage area and saw that the band performing stopped performing and is now fighting with each other.

Y/N turned back to the bar and saw the bartender jump over the counter and ran to stop the fight.

"Well there goes the drink maker." Y/N muttered.

She got to the bar area and sat on the bar stool.

She looked around again and saw the bartender still trying to stop the fight.

Y/N decided to jump over the counter and get herself a drink.

She jumped back and sat on the stool and drank her beer.

She didn't care if someone saw her.

No one did anyway, because they're too busy watching the girly fight between the lead singer and the guitarist.

Apparently, the lead singer was so full of himself and started to fight the other people in their band when they didn't play the song that he wrote.

Finally, the fight stopped.

But now they're worried about not having a lead singer.

Y/N finished her drink and stood up with her bag.

She jumped on the stage and the arguments between the owner of the bar, the band, and bartender stopped.

They looked at Y/N, who grabbed the electric guitar and microphone.

"Any requests?" Y/N asked and her voice was heard from the speaker.


Y/N was glad she got a job.

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