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Lauren keep messing the scene up so Y/N decided to improvise 😉


Lauren and Y/N are co-stars in the most anticipated movie of all time. Lauren being new in the acting business but big in the music industry and Y/N being the most known young actress currently.

But the twist is, Y/N and Lauren hate each other.

It all started when they were doing a reading for the script. Y/N keep making dirty jokes and getting distracted all the time and it made Lauren lose her patience.

That was the first time they argued and the director LOVED it! The director saw the chemistry and he knew that they were going to be perfect for each other in this film.

Everyone around them knew that they're gonna end up with each other because they argue like a married couple. It's cuter when one of them makes the other one cry they would immediately comfort them and apologize. One minute they're spitting words at each other and the next minute they're cuddling.

Since they've been filming for almost a year now their bond grew but the arguments are still there.

They don't notice their closeness because they're too focused on their arguments.

The movie they're in is about a woman named Leslie Morgado (Lauren's character) who's in a relationship with her douchebag professor, who's a male. The professor is married and just want to keep Lauren as a secret and he's a complete asshole. Then suddenly, a new teacher came, Bella Sherman (Y/N's character). Bella is the new business professor for Lauren's college program. Bella is strict when it comes to teaching but once they get to know her she's a goof.

Lauren's character in the movie is straight but turned gay for Y/N's character.

The cheating professor will be played by Lauren's ex boyfriend, Paul Martinez. They were high school sweetheart and broke up when he cheated on her and now he wants her back.

Every time he tries something, Lauren grabs Y/N.

Paul is intimidated by Y/N. It doesn't matter the situation. One time Lauren pulled Y/N from the catering area. Y/N's mouth was full of food and she's holding her plate with a mountain of food.

Y/N's older than Lauren and Paul looks older than her.

He's scared because there were talks that people who messes with Y/N don't get booked anymore.

Back to the present, they finally gave them days off.

Y/N's currently being mobbed.

Someone snitched on her and tweeted that she's in this cafe.

She's so annoyed. But that changed when she saw a woman wearing a hoodie and huge glasses, sitting in the corner of the cafe.

She knows that's Lauren because she's wearing the hoodie she stole from Y/N.

Y/N ignored the people asking for her autograph and sprinted towards Lauren.

"Hello, Lolobear. You think you're slick with that disguise?" Y/N sat beside Lauren and pushed her further in the booth.

"Stay the fuck away from me, L/N!" Lauren hissed and tried to push Y/N out her booth.

Y/N didn't budge and just held Lauren's hands.

"OH MY GOD! Y/N IS WITH LAUREN!" Screams were heard.

Lauren lets out a sigh of defeat and Y/N did an evil laugh.

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