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A/N: this is not my best because it's just a random and stupid plot


After decades and decades and decades of Lauren not releasing music, Y/N finally got Lauren to get out there and feed her fans something.

Since Y/N is the headline of AMAs she asked somebody to get Lauren something to do in the show.

Lauren has been out of social media for almost a year now and her fans are begging her to do something than post a story of a post from a random account.

Y/N and Lauren had been secretly dating for a year now.

They didn't want it to be in public because it would be a riot.

Y/N's one of the biggest name out there.

She's big in acting and music, which is rare for a celebrity.

She's constantly booked and busy.

It was a surprise for Y/N's closest friends to find out that she's dating someone.

Y/N still haven't told them that it's Lauren Jauregui.

At first Lauren hated Y/N and think she's a stuck up bitch because she's friends with Taylor Swift and her group of stuck up friends.

In reality, Y/N's just really nice and she writes music for those people.

She talks to them but not every time.

She just talks to Taylor Swift when they're gonna write something or sometimes hi and hellos to Selena Gomez.

But she doesn't talk to Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes though.

Y/N met Shawn before his fame and he was in that cringey white boys who did vines group and she hated him immediately.

After Y/N blew up in acting and music, Shawn Mendes' management tried to talk to her and being that kind of nice but very fucking annoying.

Y/N made sure she change her number after that.

And she's not close to Camila Cabello because she's Shawn Mendes' girlfriend. And they're so cringe. Especially that video of them sucking each other's tongue.

I mean she does that playfully with Lauren when she's being silly and trying to annoy Lauren but she's not gonna post that in public for everyone to see. Well one reason is her relationship with Lauren is private and another reason is she's not nasty.

Honestly, she just have beef with Shawn Mendes because his team try so hard to stop Y/N's bag ever since Y/N released an album the same day as him and blocked him from going number one.

So now Y/N always release a song every time he does just to annoy the shit out of him.

Anyways. Y/N met Lauren in a fashion show.

At first Lauren was a bitch to her but Y/N just continued to annoy Lauren.

Eventually, Lauren saw the real Y/N and then they started dating.

Y/N always ask Lauren to collab with her but Lauren always decline her.

Lauren knows how goofy Y/N in when she's collaborating with someone and she knows Y/N will annoy her and not be able to refrain from touching Lauren's ass.

That's Y/N. She just can't keep her hands to herself.

Going back to the present.

Lauren's is already at the AMAs event because she's going to do the interview for the red carpet.

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