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A/N: I posted this in my other book years ago. I decided to put it here too since it's a one shot and this book is full of one shots lol

❗️❗️this is sad as hell btw❗️❗️

Y/N L/N is known as the badass of the school and the most popular girl in school.

All the people know that no one will stop her, all the things she wants, she gets.

Every Time she was in trouble, she was always sent to Mr. Jauregui's office.

But there's one reason how she always gets away with everything.

The principals daughter, Lauren Jauregui, the biggest nerd in school.

We all know how precious Lauren is to her father.

She's was spoiled by her father.

Every Time Y/N gets in trouble, there are bad news and good news.

Good news, because Lauren always begged her father to let Y/N go.

Bad news, because Lauren doesn't let Y/N touch or talk to her.

Lauren was the only one who can control Y/N. She'll just give her one look and Y/N is already smitten.

Now, Y/N was walking in the hallway while eating her breakfast, pizza.

She went to her locker and shoved her binder in her bag then she proceed to Lauren's locker.

She saw Lauren fixing her locker while her glasses was on the bridge of her nose.

Y/N sneaked up behind her and whispers on her ear.

"Hey, sexy" Y/N whispers and Lauren jumped in surprise and shrieked.

Lauren turned around and she saw her girlfriend laughing.

"Y/N! I told you to stop doing that!" Lauren glared at Y/N and slapped her arm.

"I'm sorry, you just look so cute every time you get scared" Y/N said and Lauren blushed.

Y/N grins and leaned in to kiss Lauren but Lauren stopped her.

"Your lips is full of pizza oil" Lauren said and Y/N rolled her eyes.

"Say ah" Y/N said and Lauren did what she was told.

Y/N put the pizza in Lauren's mouth and Lauren took a big bite.

"Hey, don't finish it all" Y/N said and Lauren giggles.

Butterflies, that's what she feels in her stomach every time she hears Lauren giggling.

Lauren seemed to remember something because she frown.

"Babe, can we go out tonight?" Lauren asked and Y/N smiles.

"Sure, anything for my princess" Y/N said and she leaned in.

Y/N captured Lauren's lips and Lauren smiles through the kiss.

"I love you" Y/N whispers.

"I love you too" Lauren hugged Y/N.


It's currently midnight and Y/N and Lauren are at the beach, looking at the stars.

They're cuddled up with a comfortable silence.

Lauren lifts her head from Y/N's chest and she looks at Y/N.


"Hmm?" Y/N looks at Lauren.

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