Gone (3)

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"Good morning everyone." Y/N walked in the office with huge sun glasses on.

Dinah twirled around to look at Y/N.

"Why are you looking like a fly with those huge sunglasses?" Dinah asked when she saw Y/N's sunglasses.


Dinah nods it off and Y/N sat in her desk.

She got fired from the club/bar, whatever it is, last night when she got into a brawl with a customer.

The guy landed a hit on Y/N first and Y/N just finished it by breaking his arm.

She has a black eye and she don't want anyone seeing it.

It's been a week since Y/N saw Lauren.

She's been avoiding Lauren and she doesn't even notice it.

Time froze when she met Lauren's eyes.

Next thing she knew, Dinah threw water on her face.

As for Lauren, she can't stop thinking about Y/N.

Y/N didn't look the same as years ago.

She looks less happier and more angry.

What happened to Y/N was probably the first time she had a panic attack.

When Y/N was led out the room, she stood frozen on the spot.

She was only snapped out of her thoughts when Ray called her.

Right now, Lauren's actually going to the tech area to help her fix a bug on her computer.

When she entered the tech room, it was so noisy.

Laughing and yelling all around and it all stopped when Lauren walked in.

Y/N noticed everyone shut up and she looked up.

She froze when she saw Lauren standing on the doorway.

"Hi... um I have some problems with my laptop. I just want to see if you guys can fix it." Lauren said, nervous because everyone's looking at her

"I can't do it right now." Dinah said and turned around.

Everyone just got assigned with something to work on so they're all busy.

"We're all kind of busy but it's okay  so you can roll the spinning wheel if you want." Dinah said.

"Roll the what?" Lauren asked and Dinah pointed at the wheel on the wall that Y/N made.

Lauren looked at the wheel and saw Y/N's name.

She immediately look around but there's too much people covering other people.

Y/N watch as Lauren walk to the wheel.

No one was watching her except for Y/N.

Lauren looked around and spun the wheel.

Y/N's eyes widened when Lauren purposely stop the wheel to get her name.

Dinah heard the wheel stop so she look back at Lauren and the wheel.

"Her table is way on the back. Good luck." Dinah said and went back to work.

Y/N started to fumble. Finding a way to avoid Lauren.

She doesn't want Lauren to see her with this embarrassing sunglasses that covers half if her face.

She glance up and saw Lauren still looking for her table.

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