Sick Day

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Y/N woke up when she felt her wife shake beside her.

She opened her eyes and look at the digital clock.


Lauren shivered again and hugged the covers around her.

But it feels like it isn't enough.

Lauren continues shivering while sleeping.

Oh no. Lauren did complain about her throats being itchy and hurting a few hours before sleeping.

Y/N placed her hand on Lauren's forehead then her neck.

Y/N frowned when she felt her wife heating up.

Y/N got off the bed and went to their closet.

She grabbed some warm pyjamas and one of her hoodies.

Since Lauren just sleeps in her panties.

Y/N opened the lamp beside her.

She put the clothes on the bed and went to the washroom to get a small bucket with warm water and a new washcloth.

She went back to the room and put the things on the floor.

She move and slowly pull the covers away from Lauren.

Lauren whimpered when cold air hit her.

"Shh, I'm just gonna give you a little wash to reduce the heat of your skin." Y/N whispered and she kissed her wife's head.

Lauren continued whimpering.

Y/N dipped the wash cloth on the water and squeezed the water out.

She started with Lauren's stomach.

Lauren jumped at the coldness.

Even thought it wasn't cold.

After doing the process again, getting the hotness of Lauren's skin, she last did Lauren's face and forehead.

She left the folded washcloth on Lauren's forehead.

She put the cover over Lauren again and ran to the bathroom and took out a pack of KoolFever.

She's thinking about taking out the extra cool but she'll do that if Lauren's fever gets worse

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She's thinking about taking out the extra cool but she'll do that if Lauren's fever gets worse.

Y/N ran back in the room.

Lauren's still whimpering and cold.

Y/N gently took off the covers and grabbed the clothes she put out.

She sat Lauren gently and Lauren whimpered.

Y/N frowned and just kissed Lauren's head.

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