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"Good morning everyone! I'm here today with the lovely Y/N L/N!"


Y/N's promoting her upcoming album in U.K.

She's been in the music industry for four years now.

The first time she blew up when she released her third song.

It was about a girl with green eyes.

She wrote it about her ex girlfriend, Lauren Jauregui.

Of course people knew it was Lauren.

There was a very old picture of Lauren and her kissing that went around and it blew up.

Lauren and Y/N dated since Y/N was 16 and Lauren was 15.

They broke up three years later because of a stupid argument.

It left Lauren so mad at Y/N.

There were rumours that Y/N had kissed a girl in a bar and before Y/N can explain, Lauren got mad at her.

Lauren went on a tour after the break up and they broke apart.

Now they're gonna reunite because they're both promoting in U.K.

Right now Y/N told the radio guy from capital fm about her album.

"Before we go. I have a question." The guy said with a smirk.

"Oh no. You have a smirk. What is it?" Y/N started to get nervous.

"We heard you're staying at the same place as ehem Lauren Jauregui ehem."

Ah shit. Y/N laughed nervously.

"Really? I didn't know that."

"Oh you know! We have an inside source saying you two saw each other."

Yeah they did. Lauren glared at Y/N and left.

"Oh man. It's been years since we saw each other."

"We just hope there's a chance." The guy wiggled his eyebrows.

"Don't we have to go now?" Y/N asked nervously.

The guy laughed and let Y/N slide.

After the radio interview, Y/N went to eat and went back to the hotel.


Lauren was getting annoyed now.

Every interviewer asked her about Y/N and it just makes her blood boil when she hears that name.

She still love Y/N but she won't talk to her until Y/N apologize.

She's that stubborn.

The people she dated after Y/N cheated on her but it didn't affect her.

She's still not over Y/N.

She was heartbroken and mad when she found out about Y/N kissing someone.

And she got even more mad when Y/N didn't talk to her after the breakup.

Y/N spoiled Lauren so much when they were dating.

Y/N gave Lauren everything she wanted.

Even risking her studies.


"Yeah, I'll be there in thirty minutes." Y/N struggled to put her pants on while her phone's between her shoulder and ear.

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