Not a Cabello

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A/N: yooo I wrote this like last year and it's so on point on today's events and shit

Your POV

"Oh man how the heck did they find me?" I whisper because my girlfriend is taking a nap beside me.

It's only been a month since I started my Instagram and there are already people noticing me looking like Camila Cabello.

We're twins but just fraternal.

We don't even look the same! Well that's what I think.

I don't really know much about Camila Cabello because I was sent away the day I was born.

Apparently my parents don't have much money so they gave away the second one who left the vagina.

People don't know Camila and I are related but her fans just compare us because "we look alike".

Pfft! Bullshit!

Thank god I was adopted by a lovely couple though.

Let's just say my step sister is Lucy Vives.

We have another brother and our parents are divorced.

I'm staying with my Mom because Dad is always busy.

Because of Lucy I met my lovel-

I stop moving when I felt my girlfriend whine in her sleep and cuddled herself deeper into me.


Because of Lucy, I met Lauren.

Lauren Michelle Jauregui Morgado.

All I can say is WHEW I'M ONE LUCKY BITCH.

I met Lauren when she came over at our house and hang out with Lucy and their other friends.

We started dating a year before she auditioned for xfactor.

We've been dating for seven years now and still going strong.

We keep it low key (buy it on iTunes and stream it) because if we went public it would be messy.

I don't want anyone finding out that I'm a Cabello.

Was a Cabello.

I still have bad blood towards them.

The first time I found out I was adopted was when I was 13.

I was mad at my biological parents.

If they don't have that much of money then why did they have another child.

Until now I'm mad at them.

Only Lauren knew, outside of Vives family, that I'm adopted and was a Cabello.

I don't think Camila Cabello knows about me.

If she did then she hates my guts.

When she was still in Fifth Harmony, we ignored each other.

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