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Roses and Thorns (Lauren/You) by nonneurotypical
Roses and Thorns (Lauren/You)by only angel
"Lauren I'm pregnant." I looked at the green-eyed girl for any sign or reaction but I saw nothing. "You're a lesbian." "I get that..." ***...
Snapchat by JaureguiObsessed
Snapchatby JaureguiObsessed
One late night your best friend makes you a snapchat and you decided why not snap the fifth harmony page while they are Snapchatting maybe they see it but you didn't exp...
I Need You Now  (Lauren / You) by iamgraciee
I Need You Now (Lauren / You)by gracie
original title; All My Heart Lady Antebellum; Need You Now.
Microphones and Art museums (Lauren/You) by nonneurotypical
Microphones and Art museums ( only angel
SEQUEL to "Roses and Thorns" Should probably read that before this one. ****** "But don't you still love me?" "It doesn't work like that Laur...
S.U.P.E.R JAUREGUI by Jerbello
S.U.P.E.R JAUREGUIby Jerbello
Lauren/You Fanfiction. Hi, I'm Y/N. I'm 17 and I am a senior in Pimlico High, straight A student and probably the most bullied. People think I'm a nerd, a loser. It hur...
Number 14 (Lauren/You) by AnonTheWriter5H
Number 14 (Lauren/You)by AnonTheWriter5H
"Being back here seemed right. Two years was way to long to be away from my friends and family. Although the home part, that was going to be interesting. Mom God kn...
Lauren Jauregui imagines by Lolo91202
Lauren Jauregui imaginesby 🌹Sunflower🌹
A bunch of Lauren/you short story's I have written! Cover made by me 🌹✨
5 Years Later • (Lauren/You) by sincerelyndg
5 Years Later • (Lauren/You)by ndg.
First, you're 18 and in love. You're at the peak of your youth and everything you've ever dreamed of is possible. Then, you're as good as homeless, lost in a city full...
Photograph (Lauren/You) by iamgraciee
Photograph (Lauren/You)by gracie
CHAPTERS ARE BEING EDITED. cover - @ArcticFlux You, Y/N L/N, are known as the mysterious girl. You take pictures of things, and you don't talk very much. You're closed...
Almost Home • (Lauren/You) by sincerelyndg
Almost Home • (Lauren/You)by ndg.
(Lauren/You) It has always been y/n's dream to be a famous singer but it wasn't until y/n was 17 that she started acting on that dream. Now 18 years old and in college...
Lauren Jauregui Imagines Vol. II by xXAngelus1Xx
Lauren Jauregui Imagines Vol. IIby Em
There's never enough Lauren Jauregui! Mostly Lauren/You Imagines. There will also be G!P Imagines! All rights reserved ® xXAngelus1Xx ™ 2017
Final Five (Lauren/You) by AnonTheWriter5H
Final Five (Lauren/You)by AnonTheWriter5H
"First we had a meeting with the one and only Simon Cowell, then I bumped into Camila Cabello and now I'm signed with my band to Syco Records. What else was going t...
The New Girl • (Lauren/You) by sincerelyndg
The New Girl • (Lauren/You)by ndg.
"You know those movies where the main character completely changes her life for her significant other and then he stabs her in the back and betrays her and then her...
Hero Of War (Lauren/you) by LoveIsOverRP
Hero Of War (Lauren/you)by mop
You have been in the military for four years. Before joining you or married to your high school crush, Lauren. When you go to surprise her with your return home, you cat...
Her What?! by xXAngelus1Xx
Her What?!by Em
Lauren Jauregui, the daughter of the worldwide business mogul Mike Jauregui had a rough past when it came to her relationship with her abusive boyfriend. She forgot how...
Best I Ever Had (Sequel)  by AnonTheWriter5H
Best I Ever Had (Sequel) by AnonTheWriter5H
Sequel to Final Five.
For the record (Lauren/You) by nonneurotypical
For the record (Lauren/You)by only angel
Y/N is 17 on the verge of adulthood, in a restricting family, and "irresponsible." Her mother suggests she gets a job and she does find one at a local record s...
Loving You (Lauren/You) by laurenxmadison
Loving You (Lauren/You)by yikes
"Loving you was the best thing to ever happen to me. Our lives were going perfect... we were perfect. So why did you have to go and screw it all up??" I yelled...
My Only One by JaureguiObsessed
My Only Oneby JaureguiObsessed
Basically it's New kids from my Lauren Imagine book it's a short story and if you choose not to read that then just know it's G!P y/n
It's her by pnw_reader
It's herby Cabaeyo
The Cimorelli sisters ask for directions from a girl with a messed up life that just wants someone to finally care.