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Your POV

You know what's good with having a fan account?

You get to say what you want about a certain artist or a crazy stan.

But what's more great is when you're cute enough to have your own fans.

I started my fan account in 2014 and now I have 34.7K followers.

At first my account was for Beyoncé but it changed when I found out about Fifth Harmony.

I'm still a fan of Beyoncé but I turned into a Fifth Harmony fan account.

At first it was all nice and shit but as years go by, stan twitter became ugly and vicious.

It started when Camila Cabello was exposed as racist.

The fandom was divided into three.

H4RMONY stans, Camila stans, and OT5 stans.

I was in the lowkey H4RMONY team but was forced to be in the Camila team because all my friends switched.

I really didn't like Camila that much.

I don't tweet about her but I was labeled as a camilizer because I associated myself with camilizers.

And maybe because I laugh at people when they fight.

And the Y/N hate train started when I  quoted a tweet from an OT5 fan, saying OT5 is dead.

They immediately thought I was a camilizer because of my friends and I became the face of camilizers.

It went worse when I joined a tag that require a selfie.

It almost went viral because I tweeted four pics of me with different fashion style.

They think I'm a model.

Of course camilizers think they win because they got the hot ones.

Then Fifth Harmony went on hiatus.

Then form Allygiance, The Legion, Dinahsty, and The Nation.

It was shambles!

If I'm being honest, I'm part of the Allygiance because they're cute and unproblematic.

And of course The Legion. I'll tell you the reason later.

Ever since they went on hold, camilizers and The Nation are back and forth with it.

Sometimes The Legion joins in.

Lauren's fans are actually annoying to me.

So I fight them. But without insulting Lauren of course.

I fight Normani's fans too because they can't mind their own business. I always see them fighting Dinah's fans.

Oh god even camilizers annoy the shit out of me. I fight them too.

I fight anyone except for Ally's fans.

I have friends that loves Ally and we don't talk in public, just group chat.

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