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Lauren just want that certain flavour of chips.

She's so hungry and she's been chased by fans for the past few hours.

Now she's looking at the chips that she wants from the top shelf.

It's the first time she saw that flavour of chips.

She tried jumping but it only made the damn chips push deeper into the top shelf.

Lauren jumped back when she saw a hand grab the chips effortlessly.

"Hey! That's mine!" Lauren glared at the girl that took her chips.

The girl raise her eyebrow.

"Yo, Y/N! Where you at?" The girl looked away from Lauren and turn to the voice that.

Lauren also looks at the girl's friend and she saw that they're almost wearing the same style of clothing.

They look like losers that skateboards. Well they have their skateboard with them.

Y/N's friend, Skylar, walked to Y/N and smirked.

"Hey, bud, who's your friend?" Skylar wiggle her eyebrows.

Y/N didn't answer her.

Lauren did.

"Your friend took MY chips!"

Skylar looked at Y/N with wide eyes.

"Oh sorry, ma'am, Y/N here don't know how to socialize. She just really think you're hot as fuck." Skylar joked but Lauren took it seriously.

There was a loud slap heard.

"PERVERT!" Lauren yelled and took the chips out of Y/N's grasp and stomped away.

Y/N and Skylar's eyes are wide when Lauren left.

Y/N's head was facing to the right and her cheek stinging.

"Holy shit." Skylar whispered then started laughing.

"You're a dick." Y/N finally talked.

"Dude, I'm just trying to be a good wing woman! You don't get enough girls with your quiet ass. You act like those CEO people on wattpad. Like that dude from kinky shades of grey!"

"Shut the fuck up." Y/N pushed her friend and walked away with no chips.


Y/N's sweaty ass groaned when she fall on the ground again.

"Y/N what the hell?! You've been out of your game for days now!" Skylar yelled and she rolled towards Y/N.

"Maybe because this board sucks." Y/N groaned and she sat up.

Skylar laughed and shook her head.

"It's not my fault you let slappy girl took your precious board."

Y/N got mad again.

After the girl slapped Y/N she took Y/N's skateboard on the way out.

Skylar and Y/N was too shook because of the slap to even notice it.

It's been 4 days and Y/N is still sulking about her board being taken away from her.

"It's all your fault. You can't shut your annoying mouth. You're gonna pay for my board." Y/N glared at Skylar and stood up.

"Hey, I gave you my skateboard!"

"Yeah from 5th grade!" Y/N kicked the old board and stomped away.

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