Chapter (5) ✔

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To say that I was shocked to see the jerk at the hospital yesterday is an understatement. I was utterly shocked and petrified. I know the fact that I don't like him at all, but the weird part is that I just can't get him out of my mind. Why does every arrogant guy have to be this hot?

I was wearing a plain black pencil skirt and a white blouse on the top with my favorite black stiletto heels. My hair was in a tight ponytail and my face was completely plain. Okay so I lied about the last part, I did put on makeup. Blood red lipstick and a single layer of mascara.

It is my first day at work, and at Henderson Corporation, a girl's gotta make an impression. Besides I would be working along all those models, can't go there looking like an ogre. It's not like I am trying to impress anyone.

I glanced one last time in the mirror to see if I was looking prim and proper.

I picked up my purse, put my car keys inside and took my leave after locking the door.



I glanced at my watch as I reached the entrance of the building.

7.22am. Why did I reach 40 minutes early today? I didn't even have work piled up. My thoughts raced to yesterday's encounter at the hospital and my rude behavior towards Emily in the morning. Emily. Her name perfectly suits her.

I was greeted by Lucas and we entered the elevator together. We started conversing about work when he suddenly hit an annoying topic.

"So I've heard that the brunette beauty will be joining us starting today." He asked after a while.

What? Oh he's referring Emily as 'brunette beauty'? Wait why is he referring to her as brunette beauty? Has he met her before. When and where? Oh great I was pissed early in the morning.

"Emily eh? Ah yes. Have you guys met already?"

He gave me a suspicious look. "Uh yeah, we met yesterday. She was here to meet you. Damn it. They always come to meet you." He said scratching the back of his head.

"Oh." Was all I could reply with. "I mean the moment I laid my eyes on her, I went like woah. And then she goes 'I need to see Mr Henderson'." He said in a high pitched tone. I just smiled and nodded in response. I usually would have laughed but now he just seemed annoying.

Why was the elevator taking so long. I heard a ting indicating that we have reached. Thank god. I hurried outside and walked towards my room.

"What's wrong Adrian?" Oh great he was stalking me now. No wait. His desk is inside my office.

"What do you mean what's wrong Adrian."

"Oh please Adrian, I've known you since a long time. And that takes us back to kindergarten. You think I can't tell when your smile is fake or real?"

Lucas and his laser eyes.

"Sorry about that man. I just haven't had my morning tea yet." Yep that's the reason why I was all annoyed. We both entered the office and he took his seat on the desk at the extreme right and I opened the door inside the office that led to my room.

He may be my best man, but I don't share. I need privacy of my own.

"I'm going inside Lucas. Order tea in my room. No wait, the Secretary is supposed to do that. Why isn't she here yet?"

He took his mobile out of his pocket and glanced at his mobile screen "7.49am. She still has 10 minutes. I'll order your tea since I'm already getting mine."

I nodded and entered my room inside and sat at my desk and engrossed myself in some paper work. Somewhat after ten to fifteen minutes, someone knocked the door.

"Who's there?"

"Owl say." Came a deep voice.

What the fuck? I asked for a name. "WHO?"

"Yes they do." I literally facepalmed. Motherfucking Lucas. Obviously, who else could be this lame. Even lame is an understatement. How did I not see this coming?

"I know you're silently laughing in there." Totally, can't you see the tears rolling down my face. "I came to inform you about Miss Brunette. She's here. Should I send her in?" I swear my heart skipped a beat. Damn it. I banged my fist on the table and well it came out louder than it was supposed to.

"Is everything alright inside?" They both asked in sync.

I let out a loud embarrassed laughter. "Yeah everything's perfectly fine. Let her in."

And then she walked in, and gave me a smile. Leaving me in a trance. I am whipped.


More like a mythical Xavier, Xander, Damen or Nate? Damn you wattpad for raising my expectations in guys, while I myself happen to be a potato

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More like a mythical Xavier, Xander, Damen or Nate? Damn you wattpad for raising my expectations in guys, while I myself happen to be a potato.

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