Chapter (16) ✔

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Ladies and gentlemen,

Sexists and feminists,

The long awaited auction will finally take place in this chapter!

I hope it's worth the wait...



Emily's POV

You know how the shy and reserved protagonist (yep, the good girl or the nerd) in almost every story dresses decently everyday, unlike the girls surrounding her until she gets invited to an event like a high school party or a business party and snaps out of her comfort zone for that occasion forcefully, due to a friend or just because she feels like it.

Then she dresses up in a short, black dress that reaches just above her knees and hugs her figure perfectly, highlighting her curves, along with 3-4 inch red heels that contrast wonderfully with her bright red lipstick and black smoky eyes.

Then what happens when she enters the party? She obviously steals the spot light and leaves people wondering who the hell she is.

That was most certainly not the case here.

For starters, I was no protagonist. Shy and reserved? Maybe.. around the people I was not familiar with, but no way did the world revolve around me.

So here I was standing backstage at the charity event, in a frilly, yes frilly, baby pink gown that was the epitome of girly. (A/N- insert picture of Emily's gown)

My makeup consisted of pink lipstick (A/N- like the one in my display pic lol) and a single layer of eyeliner. My hair was left in waves that reached my waist.

Anyone seen the real life version of Barbie? Well she was China quality compared to me.

Okay maybe I was exaggerating a bit, but still... this look was making me really uncomfortable and the frills were becoming unmanageable!

Samantha's mom had arranged 25 dresses and when I arrived, all the dresses had been taken by the other girls so I was left with this one. Not my fault that they arrived before time just to choose a dress.

So much for the short, black dress.

I doubt anyone would want to bid on barbie.

But then his words entered my mind,

"You know what, I might just pick you instead."

Nah, he was just fooling around.

"Pink is definitely your color." Mrs Burette AKA Samantha's mom or the host of this event, exclaimed as she hugged me. I just smiled in response. I knew I looked hideous. She, herself looked really pretty in her golden short dress and didn't look a year above 30 despite being 53.

"You got ready in five minutes yet managed to look so pretty and elegant. The other girls should learn something from you." She said looking around at the other 24 girls who were busy with their makeups and hairstyles.

"Thank you Mrs Burette. And I must say, you look strikingly beautiful and so damn young! You need to tell me the secret of your everlasting youth!"

She chuckled in response telling me how god was pleased with her and enabled her to remain fit naturally. And no she did not mention how her diet consisted of salad only or how she had three plastic surgeries.

"Damn, look at the time, guests are already starting to fill up." She said, glancing at her mobile screen. As I looked outside from the side stage, I could actually see the hall starting to get crowded.

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