Chapter (4) ✔

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Emily's POV

My conversation with Lucas made me forget all about the encounter with the arrogant jerk that I previously met. He even gave me an appointment to meet Mr Henderson. Even though we exchanged only a few words, I could tell that he was kind and friendly. And not to mention hot. He even escorted me to the main gate of the building. Such a gentleman.

I was now seated in my car, on my way to the hospital. I was partially upset since I did not get to meet the Henderson dude, but meeting Lucas was fair enough. Wait what? I sound like I have a crush on him. But then again, that's very much possible, if I can have a crush on my Korean celebrities by just looking at their pictures, then I can sure as hell have a crush on a hot guy after having a somewhat long conversation with him.

I parked my car and made my way into the hospital, and went towards the room father was in. On my way I kept thinking whether I should tell him about my visit to his office or not. I'll just tell him some other day.

I reached the door knob, and sighed deeply, then put a smile on my face. I did not want to give him the impression that I had a very hectic day. As soon as I opened the door, my smile faded and was replaced by a frown. Is this karma's way of getting back at me? What did I even do? This has got to be a nightmare.


Adrian's POV

I exited the building and rushed towards the hospital. I still could not get that feisty woman out of my mind. This has never happened to me before. I found her intriguing. She had this sexy factor about her.

I am on my way to visit a patient, and these are the thoughts entering my mind. Seriously Adrian get a hold on yourself. I rechecked my mobile inbox to see whether I was headed towards the right hospital or not. Lucas was really reliable. He took no time in sending me the details of the location and room number.

I finally reached the hospital after a few minutes, parked my car and entered the hospital. I approached the receptionist who seemed to be engrossed in some magazine with Channing Tatum in the cover. How can you employ such people, but then again who am I to complain. One of my receptionists happens to be a retard like her too. A hot retard.

"Listen uh-" I read her name plate which said Laura. "Laura? Can you direct me to Room 303, the name of the patient is Mr Boston." She made an annoyed expression and looked up at me and her eyes literally went wide as saucers. I smirked. I knew I had that affect on all girls. Woah, I really am egoistic as fuck. Holy shit.

My thoughts raced back to that brunette again, but I was rudely interrupted. Which was a good thing. This girl infront of me, seemed like a whore and my suspicion was confirmed when she leaned in to give me full view of her booty. I swear her buttons were closed when she was viewing that magazine. When did she even open them. Forget it, I don't even want to know.

"I'm seeing you for the first time. Who might you be?" Are you kidding me? I sighed. I did not have any time for flirting.

"Listen I'm in a hurry, so just answer my question. Which way to room 303?" She seemed stunned by my response. And just pointed to the extreme right of the corridor. I smiled and thanked her, making her blush.

Yep, I have that effect on women too.

Hashtag narcissism goals.


As I entered the room, I was greeted by a smiling Mr Boston. However his smile was replaced by a poker face when he took in my appearance.

"Is my sight that unappealing for you Mr Boston? And to think that I was actually worried about you. I guess I'll just leave." I turned the door knob and was about to make my dramatic exit, when the old man called out to me.

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