Chapter (11) ✔

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All the confidence I had gathered seemed to go down the dumps. My throat went dry and the memory of yesterday started replaying in my head again.

Emily it was just a kiss. Okay so it was your first one, but nonetheless, simply a kiss. I mean it's just lip locking. Doesn't have to mean anything. Don't let it get to you. Act natural. Fake a smile. You're definitely good at it. You've done it before for ages. You can do it again.

So I did what my instincts told me to do. I plastered my best fake smile and adjusted my eyes on his face. Looking at his face made me gulp. He was staring at me with such intensity that I was sure goosebumps had formed on my skin.

"Good morning Mr Henderson." To my utter disappointment, my voice came out really hoarse. My greeting was supposed to calm the situation and tell him that the kiss didn't effect me at all and that we were back to the boss and assistant terms. I was expecting him to smile back and greet me.

Obviously, I don't expect him to act indifferently. He's practically a man whore. Kissing is just like poking someone on the arm for him. He didn't respond. Infact he seemed zoned out. He just kept staring at me. I took that as my queue to leave.

I took two steps when he firmly grabbed my upper arm and pulled me towards him, causing me to shiver. "Why did you run off like that yesterday?"

Are you kidding me? "I have no idea what you're talking about."

I least expected him to frown and say the following words. "So you're going to pretend that the kiss never happened?"

"Yes I will. And you should do the same." I said, satisfied that my voice came out strong. "So now if you would please excuse me and let go of my arm please."

This only caused him to tighten his grip on my arm. "The kiss we shared didn't mean anything to you?" He asked gritting his teeth.

"Ouch you're hurting me." I was on the verge of tears by now. His grip still didn't loosen so I yanked my arm away from him and stared him dead in the eye.

"Fine you want the truth? First of all it was never a kiss that we shared, since you were the one who initiated it and correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall responding at all. So I'll just pretend that it never happened and that I still haven't lost my first kiss."

He frowned his eyebrows in confusion. "What the fuck! That was your first kiss?" He yelled and started rubbing his face with his hands.

"But you're like what 24? How the hell was that your first kiss?" At least he looks guilty now.

"Just how have you never been kissed before? I mean you're beautiful."

Did I hear him accurately?

Did he just call me beautiful?

Me and beautiful?



I'm sure my face was beet red now. Not cause I was mad at him for using the word kiss thrice in a row, but for calling me beautiful. I felt like a teenager whose boyfriend just called her beautiful. Damn it. He kissed me and now he called me beautiful.

What if he likes me?

Yeah no. Don't get ahead of yourself Emily.

I erased the possibility of him liking me as soon as it entered my mind.

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