Chapter (3) ✔

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Emily's POV.

The next morning I woke up, dressed up in my skinny jeans and wore a simple dark blue and white sweater on top. I was definitely visiting the Henderson Corporation today. Lilly was still not back from her study session yet. Figures.

I hurriedly ate my breakfast and got ready to depart.

I got into my small black car and took off. I knew the direction very well, since I came to pick father several times.

The drive took a good 20 minutes. I parked my car and walked towards the building. I gaped at the huge building infront of me despite seeing it several times. It was the first time that I would enter the building.

I took a deep breath and opened the glass doors. I received many curious looks as I walked to the reception.

"Ex-ccuse me? I need to speak to Mr Henderson." My voice came out worse than I expected. The lady at the counter who was filing her nails, glanced up at me, and raised one of her eyebrows. She looked like a model.

"And who might you be?" She asked, folding her arms, her eyes trailing me up and down.

Quit acting like a scaredy cat! She's not going to eat you!

"Emily Boston." Her eyes went wide as she heard my name.

"Emily Boston? As in the daughter of Mr Boston, the personal Secretary of Mr Henderson, the one who is rumored to take a leave due to a-" she seemed to contemplate for a second about what to say next but ended looking at me with her mouth open. I resisted my urge to laugh.

"Yes, that Emily."

"Oh my gosh, we were just wondering why Boston didn't inform us about the uh- you know what I'm referring to, and then you come into the picture, is this some sort of destiny? You know, you don't look alot like him but still there's this resemblance-" How did this topic even start. Destiny? Seriously? She was going on about my looks, she seemed to be a typical gossip girl to me.

"I need to talk to Mr Henderson." I said sternly, interrupting her from her rambling. "Sorry about that, I tend to say random stuff at random times, it's in my nature, it's a family trait infact. It's not even my fault, blame the genes, oh oh oh that reminds me of my brother who-"

She was telling me about her brother, and how he started word vomiting on his job interview and well it didn't end well. I mentally face palmed.

"I'm running out of time here." I said giving her a stern expression. Please don't start again. What was she doing at the reception anyway? Didn't anyone complain?

"Uh huh yes ofcourse, top floor, last room in the hallway. Use that elevator," She said pointing to her right.


"Don't mention it, I mean it's my job, I like helping people infact-" Rather than helping others, help yourself by visiting a therapist. Before she could continue her blabbing, I gave her a short wave and ran in the direction of the elevator. I know that was rude of me, but I was in a hurry. I had to go to the hospital. I stepped into the elevator and punched the button to the top floor.

I wondered what the CEO looked like. Was he old, young, did he have anger or pride issues? What should I even say. Hey, did you replace my father? Was it because of your phone call that he got hospitalized? Were you treating him well? Can I work in his place?

Shit, I should have come prepared. I heard a clicking sound indicating that I had reached the top floor. The door opened and I looked around the hallway. I could feel someone's presence infront of me, he was lookin at me, but i refused to make eye contact.

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