Chapter (2) ✔

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Emily's POV.

I looked at my father as he lay there on the hospital bed. It has been a week since father got admitted in the hospital. He had become really weak. He kept blaming himself for mom's death.

I was zoning out when the doctor entered the room and cleared his throat, earning my attention. He was a middle aged man who was actually concerned about the betterment of his patients, rather than some who work for money only.

"I would like to discuss something with you, so please step outside for a minute." I had a worried expression on my face and I was hoping it's not something bad, I mean dad was recovering, so it can't be bad news. Right? He chuckled at my expression.

"No need to worry Miss Emily, it's not bad news." He said, as if reading my thoughts. That's a relief.

"He can be discharged tomorrow, but I think it would be better for him to stay here in the hospital. Professional help is much suggested, but you may take him home, you know all about his medicines and appetite, so if you choose to bring him home, that would be fine too. Godforbid something happens, you know who to contact." He said pointing to himself.

"This means, he is a lot better now. Right Doctor Steve?" I asked.

"Yes, much better. Stress may worsen his health, so keep him away from any worries or tensions. Rest assured, he'll become healthy in no time!" He said with a smile on his face. Stress? But he keeps worrying about his job.

"What about his work? You know he is a Secretary at Henderson Corporation. They won't have any problem replacing him, despite all his contributions and hard work."

"Miss Emily, you're very talented and with your degree, there are probably many multi national companies out there, willing to hire you. That's all I can say." He said abruptly and then left me standing there in the corridor.

He was right. I should start looking for a job as soon as possible, and should I submit a resignation letter on his behalf? No father would definitely get angry. Just what should I do? And what about the discharge, should I take him back home, or keep him here? I can handle a few medicines and meals right? Lilly's there too. No scratch that. She barely visits him here. What will happen if I take up a job? He'll be left alone at home. Should I hire a nurse?

All these questions were killing me.

I sat on the bench next to me, I felt really lonely at that moment. I really needed someone to comfort me and hear my problems. It was father in the past, but he needed my comfort now. Oh Lilly, why can't you be more concerned about your family?

I went back inside the room and held his hand. I watched him sleep. Only if we could switch places. I won't mind suffering in-place of him.

"Dad please, you must gain your health. Mom would hate seeing you in this condition. She would want you to recover, and see you happy. So please for her sake, you must get better." I said, my voice a bit strained.

I didn't even realize that I was crying, until I noticed a tear on my jeans.

"Oh Miss Emily, you're still here. Please you may take you leave now. I'll take the rest from here." The nurse said. Putting her bag down on the table next to father's bed. I wiped the tears off my face, glad she didn't notice. I really trusted her with dad. She was very loyal. I nodded and then took my leave.


I reached home, only to find it empty. Lilly was having an all nighter at her 'friend's' house to study, and I was 100% sure that it was a guy and what they were actually studying, well I don't even want to know.

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