Chapter (13) ✔

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Pic of Samantha-

Here I was, over at a cousin's place with my bıtch of a sister.

She invited us over for a sleep over as soon as she heard about the one week holiday I received.

Holiday you ask? I was worried sick about facing Adrian, then just like that he vanished from the building and a while later I get a call from Lucas informing me about holidays for a whole week!

Apparently Lucas and Adrian are headed towards California on vacations themselves. That sure saves me the trouble of facing him.

At the moment I felt totally out of place, I didn't even belong here! My cousin Samantha and sister Lilly were talking about guys and dating and their first experiences with God knows what. Unfortunately Lilly was sleeping over as well since she had her summer vacations.

They were gossiping. I hated gossip. Who are you to comment on someone else's life.

I'd have to listen to their rambling all night long now. Uhh why did I even agree to this!

Then here I was lying down on Samantha's king sized bed, trying to tune these two girls out.

"My first kiss was the most romantic thing that has ever happened to me." Said Samantha with a dramatic dreamy sigh.

"Tell me about it." Came Lilly's response, she was too jumpy. How can girls even have such conversations and actually enjoy them. How can anyone have such conversations?

First kiss eh. Mine was anything but romantic. Thinking about the way Adrian kissed me caused blood to rush to my cheeks.

"Oh em gee. Your sister is totally blushing!" Samantha screeched while looking at me.

"No I'm not!" I yelled turning my back towards the both of them.

"Her face probably went red due to lack of experience in this department." Lilly replied in a bored tone causing me to sigh in relief. No way was I going to talk about my first stolen kiss.

"I mean just look at her, who the heck would want to kiss her." She mumbled, loud enough for me to hear.

Except a certain boss, who kissed me because my lips looked really 'kissable' at that moment. He probably regretted kissing you.

"Yeah, unlike you, there's no poster on me that yells available as fuck. Unlike you I'm not a desperate slut. I'm waiting for the one to have all my first times with." Take that bitch.

And it would be all my first times, literally. I might have been kissed by someone, but I sure as heck haven't kissed anyone. So that doesn't count.

"Life is too short to wait for 'the one' bitch." Lilly replied in anger doing that inverted comma gesture with her fingers.

"Well the wait would be worth it, something a whore like you will never understand." So much for mouth filter.

She squeezed her eyes and glared at me. "Did you just call me a whore? You filthy uh uh-" she paused for a moment, thinking of a suitable word to use for me "virgin!" She exclaimed with a smirk on her face.

"Seriously Lilly? Virgin? That's all you can come up with? Is that supposed to be offensive? Cause holy shit, I'm so offended." I replied with a smirk of my own, while placing my hand on my heart dramatically.

"Ofcourse you won't take that as an insult. I mean you've probably accepted it by now, the fact that you're going to die a virgin." She replied then flipped me the birdie.

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