Chapter (8) ✔

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I entered his office with a smile on my face, trying to look as professional as possible. Hoping that he forgot our previous conversation in the past 2-3 hours.

"Yes?" He asked without looking away from his laptop screen.

"The files-"

"If it's something that you don't understand, then ask Lucas. I have other obligations." He said without looking at me even once.

Get me mad, and I'll make sure that you have to get a new laptop. Calm down Emily. I took a deep breath, something that I had to do constantly in his presence.

"But I didn't even complete my sentence Mr Henderson." I said in a calm tone.

He finally averted his eyes towards me and raised his eyebrow. "Have a seat Emily."

I noticed him glancing me up and down as I made my way towards the chair. Dude, I was wearing the same outfit and pair of shoes three hours ago! What's there to stare at now!

"I have completed my task. Here are the files." I said while placing the files infront of him and taking the seat infront of him. "These are the controversial points that I found in those files, and here's the analysis." I said passing him the printout.

He just stared at me with wide eyes.

In your face! How dare you underestimate me.

"Are you sure that you went through every single file?" He asked cocking his eyebrow. Which I noticed as a very frequent habit of him.


He just nodded at my response and started skimming through the controversial points and the analysis.

I was getting pretty nervous now. Send me out then go through them, you jerk!

"Impressive. You passed the test."

What, did I hear him correctly?

"Sorry? I didn't quite catch that." I said with my eyes wide open.

"I'm impressed. Well done Emily. You cleared the test." Okay now I was really confused.

"What test?"

"I employed you because your father told me about your devotion, punctuality and dedication. I had to see it for myself." He said smirking.

"I already came up with my analysis and controversial points three hours ago, and yours can actually be compared to mine."

Testing me. This guy is pure evil.

"Tea or coffee? No wait you don't fancy tea. Actually I haven't had proper breakfast yet, and it's nearly 12 so how about going to some nearby place for lunch with me?" He asked, standing up and offering me a friendly smile.

Three hours ago, you practically kicked me out of your office, now you expect me to accept your lunch offer. But then again, I myself am starving!

"Umm thanks for your kind offer," I said smiling, while standing up myself "But I've had my breakfast, so I'll just pass your offer."

His smile dropped, and was replaced by a frown. "Suit yourself." He said walking towards the door.

I don't know why, but seeing that frown, I immediately regretted declining his offer, "Wait." I said grabbing his sleeve, before he could open the door.

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