Chapter (6) ✔

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Picture of a potential Adrian- I mean he's hot. You guys can imagine him as whoever. Be it a Korean hottie or Usui Takumi.


Nervousness consumed me as soon as I entered the building. I walked to the reception and was met by a familiar face. Who was she again? I don't remember asking her name but I sure remember her word vomiting. I chuckled at our conversation the day before. Only if you call it a conversation, since she was the one who did all the talking.

"Emily! Oh my god, it's really you! You haven't aged a bit since I last saw you!"

This girl is something else. Her single sentence can break me into hysterics of laughter. "That's probably cause yesterday was the day when you last saw me."

"Oh." I tried my best to suppress my laughter but it just wasn't working.

After a while, I was able to stop when I noticed tears in her eyes. Okay so I might have laughed a lot, but an adult crying over this is not normal. But then again, I already came up with that conclusion yesterday. She's not normal. Then again, neither am I. Who even is?

First day of work, and I made the receptionist cry. Great. I was about to console her, when I was interrupted by a masculine voice.

"Hey, how dare you make my sister cry? What did she do Sarah?" Well that went well.

I turned around and there he was standing. Handsome as ever. And by ever, I mean yesterday. Lucas. Siblings eh? The only similarity I found between them was there good looks. So that was the reason she was the receptionist here. Favoring your relatives. Tsk tsk.

At first he just stared at me, more like checked me out. Since his eyes were literally lingering over my whole body, do you have to do that so shamefully? Infront of your sister, might I add.

His eyes then stopped at my face and went wide. Surprise surprise. I'm guessing he finally recognized me from yesterday. Why did it even take him so long to recognize me. Hello? We had a long chat yesterday. Player. Yep, that's why.

"Emily. What a pleasant surprise. We were anticipating your arrival, and well you're here on time. Infact a few minutes early even" We? I raised my eyebrow.

"By we, I mean Adrian and I." He said as if reading my thoughts.

"Wait, why is Sarah on the verge of tears. I doubt it has anything to do with a lady like you." I was hoping he'd forget that.

His statement just made me feel guilty since it had everything to do with me, though I'm not to blame entirely. It's his sister's fault for not getting a brain check. Okay now I sound plain rude.

"It's okay, I'm totally fine. I just said something stupid which made her laugh, and her laugh made me cry because midway she stopped and told me something which was a fact, and lack of knowledge about such a fact can make anyone cry!"

Um what?

I turned towards Lucas. His shocked expression showed that he was as confused as me.

"So you see, she didn't do anything wrong! Now hop along. I can take care of myself since I'm an adult and all. No need to worry bro. See ya later Emily!"

"Um yeah okay cool. We'll catch you later then. Oh and call for three cups of tea in Adrian's office. And you-" He said pointing towards me, "follow me." Then he sped in the direction of the elevator.

I quickly waved my hand infront of Sarah and then trailed behind him.

"I am so sorry for that, but just what was that down there. Oh god, that girl is crazy. And to think that she's my sister." I was more shocked than before at his statement.

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