Chapter (18) ✔

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"Adrian." I was definitely disappointed. I was perfectly okay with being in Lucas' presence.

"I know you're confused. But you owe me a date. Afterall I'm the one who bid on you."

Why am I being tossed around like this? "Why did Lucas have to escort me here when you bid on me. This is all so confusing. What the fuck is going on." I was angry at this point.

"That was Lucas' idea. He said you'd be disappointed to find out that he bid on you, then happ-ish when you find out that I'm the bidder." He said sheepishly while rubbing his neck. "I told him he was very wrong about that, but he kept insisting." Very wrong. It's the other way round Lucas, you dumbass.

"He actually believes that you like me or something. Funny right." Adrian mumbled as he laughed awkwardly. What the fuck?

"Very funny." I laughed. "Lucas being Lucas." I said between laughs. I don't like Adrian. I admitted to the physical attraction, but that's about it. Lucas has no right to pass such statements.

"Is it really that funny?" He asked, looking very hurt. I gave him a questioning look. "The idea of liking me romantically. Is it that funny?" He asked, his face void of any expression.

I'm a 100% sure I don't have any romantic feelings for Adrian whatsoever. And i'm pretty sure he doesn't like me either. Then why put me in an awkward position?

"Adrian, I really don't know what you're getting at. But I really don't have any romantic feelings for you." I replied in all seriousness.

"If anything, I like you as a bro. I mean it."

Adrian's POV

She sees me as a 'bro' now? All that effort convinced her to see me as a brother? I dropped her back to her place after making up some excuse of something important that needs to be dealt with immediately.

I returned to the company the very next morning, unable to get an ounce of sleep the previous night. I was supposed to hold her in my arms while we slept together in the tent that I arranged, and it could possibly lead to something else. If you catch the drift. But according to her it would have been incest. Since I'm her brother.


That's literally the only word circulating my mind at the moment. This is the first time in my entire life that I got bro-zoned. And by the girl that I actually like.

"Hey man, you look down."

Great, exactly what I needed. This douchebag to show up out of nowhere.

He just received my infamous glare in return. "I take that the date didn't go well." He seemed to hold his laughter. Bïtch.

"Didn't go well? It was going perfect!" I said, raising my voice a little. "Until she decided to call me bro." I finished lamely. Placing both my hands on my desk. This earned me a fit of laughter from Lucas. I was literally two seconds away from punching him now.

"She called you what!" He asked between laughs. "Oh God. You got bro zoned." He said wiping literal tears. "That's even worse than the friend zone."

"Shut up." I replied sternly.

"Wait oh my god, like tell me the entire story." He said in a high pitched voice.

It's not like I have someone else to share this with. Might as well get this off my chest. I told him what happened and he actually listened without laughing.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" That's not what I expected his response to be but okay.

"Are you fucking kidding me!" He said, louder this time.

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