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"Let the games begin." Stanley says and then points to a hat in the corner of the room on a dining table. It had a bunch of papers inside of it.

"Bring me my hat." He announces. Mike laughs and grabs it to give it to him. "Thank you, Mike. Now someone please get two pieces of paper and write Eddie and Katie's name on them and place them in the hat.

Ben stands up and runs over to the shelf to grab a notebook. "This is gonna be great. We've never had this many players." Stanley holds the mic away from his face and whispers down at Eddie and Katie.

Bens hands two pieces of paper to Stan and he nods and places them in the hat.
"Thank you kind sir."

Katie and Eddie, without being told scurry back to the couch to sit in the same place they were. Katie sits right next to Bev and blushes. It's obvious that someone has a crush.

"Now since Ben is the owner of the tonight's evening he will be pulling from the hat." Stan shakes the hat around so all the papers are random. Ben sticks his hand in and pulls out one piece of paper.

He slowly opens up the piece of paper when it's open his eyes go big. "It's Beverly!" Everyone cheers and she giggles and stands up in front of everyone. "The 6 time winner champion. We welcome Beverly." Stanley says at the top of his lungs while a Beatles song comes on in the back.

Ben reaches his hand in the hat yet again and picks a piece of paper out. He unfolds it to reveal a name. "Mikey!" Ben yells and everyone claps. Mike smiles and stands up next to Bev. "Now these two people will fight against each other and the winner will fight another randomly picked person. If you don't get, you'll pick it up." Stan says.

People get picked from the hat and battle against each other. People go and battle have a lot of fun.

The whole time Eddie keeps leaning on Richie and vis versa. Eventually Richie wins the first round. The second round everyone turns up the music and dances around while they play ping pong. Beverly and Katie go up against each other and Kat hasn't really played ping pong plus she was a little bit distracted.

Eddie eventually wins and is celebrated for his first win. But now that Richie and Eddie don't play in the next round they decide to go upstairs for some 'water'.

They sneak off in the beginning of the next round and up the stairs. They walk over to the tiny kitchen that's connected to the living room.

"So that's going pretty well right? I mean, they don't seem like they hate me as much as last time." Eddie says. Richie reaches up in the cabinet for a cup and looks down at the smaller boy. "They never hated you." He says.

Eddie looks up at him with an annoyed look. "Well, that Bill guy really didn't seem to like me the first time and the curly headed one just gave me bad stares. They all seem nice but last they all seemed like suspicious I guess."

Eddie was really just being insecure. In fact Bill thought Eddie was really nice and chill. And Stan thought the same. "They all like you. It was me they were being suspicious of." Richie says to reassure him.

Richie goes over to the sink and turns the water on and watches the cup fill up.
Eddie waits patiently and nervously. He wants to ask Richie something that he feels a little wrong asking.

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