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Ok first. I wanna say that everyone in the comments is in love with Katie and even though I wrote her. She wrote herself and now I don't think I could ever date anyone because no
one could ever compare to this character I made up. Which at first I was basing her off myself. And a lot of story's and jokes she has are the same as the ones I use or say. But then I just turned her into a bad bitch which I am most definitely not but yeah anyways here is the story. Oh and also ⚠️ possible trigger warning for mentions of suicide and hospitals and mental health so yeah ⚠️

Richie and Eddie walk into the home. And feel the warm air brush in their faces, diluting the cold. They grabbed hands and felt the warmth that their both bodies were radiating. Eddie closes the door and the locks click and then Richie starts walking up the stairs pulling Eddie behind him. His legs feel stiff and his knuckles hurt so he drags himself up and makes it into Eddies bedroom with Eddie following. He then flops down face first on the bed feeling all of his muscles tense.

"Oh my god. What a night." Eddie says and then starts laying his stuff down and starting to slip off his shoes. "Tell me about it." Richie says into the bed so it's muffled. "Welp. Now I know that Beverly has way more issues than I thought, Katie is going through a crisis, and now Stan knows about us." He starts taking his white socks off and throws them to the ground. "But is that such a bad thing, Ed's?" Richie digs his face out of the bed and lays facing up. "I mean no. It's not. But I just. I don't know."  He stammers and then gets up to dig in a clothes basket for pajamas. "What?" Richie asks and then starts taking his shoes off and throwing them to the other side of the room. "I don't know. I just feel likes it's all happening so fast and I'm not ready. I don't want this to end." He finds some grey sweatpants and picks them up.

"What do you mean?" Richie asks. Eddie gets up and puts the pants on the bed and stands with his back to the window. "I mean that it's all going so fast and if everyone knows about it then we are gonna have to start acting how everyone else wants us to. To be boyfriends and go out on dates and be a cliche couple." He says and tries not to sound too annoyed because he's not, just a little scared. "Yeah but why is that wrong?" The house squeaks and Richie leans back on the headboard of the bed. "It's not. But I don't want for people to tell us who have to be or mean to each other. I don't want this to end because once people know, even if they are supportive, we are going to have to start forming into this ideal role. And I don't want to be that. I wanna be us." Eddie says with a little lump in his throat. "We can be!" Richie yells which calms everything down. Sometimes yelling just causes more yelling but sometimes yelling just allows everyone to breathe. "Listen Eddie. I'm not gonna let anybody tell us what we can and can't be. And if you think it's going too fast. That's fine, we can slow down. I don't care. But we can do or be anything we want. I'm not gonna let anyone else decide." Richie states and then the room goes quiet. But not a bad quiet. More of a understanding quiet. If that makes any sense at all. It makes Eddie feel reassured. "I love you rich." Eddie says and smiles. It was smile that lit up the whole room. "I love you too. Now go put those sweatpants off so we can go to sleep." Richie starts to take off the black vest type thing wrapped around him and throw it in the ground. Eddie smiles and walks out the room to the bathroom to change. Richie twiddles with his fingers while he waits patiently and wonders about their future. What is to come. If it's bad or good. Just hope it's not boring.

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