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So where were we?

"Richie please don't do it!"

"I hate you!"

"Put the gun down!"

"Let me go!"

Oh, wait I know where we are.

"You taste like honey"

Just the beginning. The beginning of a long, sad, intense, beautiful story. And it all started with Honey. But let's just focus on that. The kiss. The magical beautiful kiss. Between two silly, stupid boys. At least at the time. They were both exactly that. Silly. Stupid. No idea what was about to come. So let's continue.

"You're so fucking stupid, chee." Eddie laughs back. Katie watches from out the window, biting her lip to stop her from screaming. Eddie and Richie stare at each other, just not believing what happening. Suddenly they hear distance claps. Eddie turns his head along with Richies eyes to see Katie clapping and smiling. "Oh my fucking god. Holy shit, I'm sorry. I'm just so happy. You did it baby! Finally my baby got a boyyyy!" Katie yells from the window. Richie smiles and furrows his eyebrows. "Wait so you two aren't together?" Richie asks.

Eddie starts to open his mouth but then Katie answers for him. "We're both gay Dumbass!" She shouts. Richie blinks out of it. "You're gay?" Richie asks looking up at Katie. "Hell yeah baby. You too?" Katie yells back.

Eddie laughs and looks down at the ground. Kind of embarrassed. Wind blows and Richie then realizes he still has a bouquet of flowers in his hand. A display of yellow flowers.

"Hey Katie, can you like um..." Eddie try's to ask for some privacy. The street feels cold and calloused under him. "Oh yeah, um I'm gonna go and throw some brownies in the oven." Katie says awkwardly. She shuts the window and scurrys downstairs.

Richie looks at Eddie and then the ground. "Um I have these for you." Richie holds up the flowers. Eddies whole face brightens up. Sunflowers. His favorite.

"Richie." He takes the flowers from Richies hands and holds them. The breeze feels refreshing. "They are beautiful." He says. And takes a smaller of the flowers and slides it behind Richies ear, in his hair.

Richie laughs a little and then takes a flower and puts it in Eddies hair. Eddie laughs.

The street lights compliment Eddies hair, and his rosy cold nose. Richies face was rosy but because he was just crying.

"So, um like, you are?"  Eddie try's to ask without sounding awkward. Richie nods, "Um yeah, I'm like um gay." He says. Eddie nods and smirks.

"It feels so weird saying that out loud." He laughs. His teeth shine bright, for the first time in a long time. The silence fills the air. But it's not awkward. It's almost as if they are getting lost in each other's eyes. Or counting each other's freckles. Or just staring and absorbing the moment.

"I really like you, Richie." Eddie swallows and says, breaking Richie out of his stare.
He blinks out of his somewhat trance and furrows an eyebrow. "But I'm confused. I thought you said we were just friends at dinner." Richie said. Eddie smiles and rolled his eyes. "Ohhhhhh so that's why you haven't been talking to me."

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