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Richies POV

I open my my eyes and see light coming in through the window. The sun peeking in almost as if it was checking on me. The white curtain blow in the wind coming in the window. I blink out of my dreamy state and realize I'm still in Eddies bed. He must be awake already. Probably down stairs making a four course breakfast.

I squeeze the pillow beside me. I'm still kinda outta it because this pillow is kinda weird feeling. It's like...wait. Wait just a fucking second. I take my arm away from the pillow to grab my glasses and quickly and sloppily put them on my face. Then I look to the pillow my arm is around and realizes. It's Eddie. The pillow that I was almost on top of, snuggling was Eddie. Fun.

All I see is the back of his head. My right arm is under him and around his torso.

I bite my lip in nervousness. I don't want to wake him. Did I really wake up that early or is Eddie for the first time ever, sleeping in?

Either way, it's best not to wake him up. Besides I've always made the most delicious pancakes.

I slightly sit up and try slowly slipping my arm out from under him. I get up to my elbow, forearm and then hand.

I'm free.

I slowly lift the blanket up from my body and move my legs to the side of the bed. That could've been a disaster. I did good.

I place my foot on the ground and feel Eddies soft new carpet under my feet. The carpet at my house is all old and ripped up. He just moved in so it's all new and clean.

I find both feet on the ground and then lift myself up to be standing in place. "Ok" I whisper. And then I stretch my hands up and feel my back escalate.

It was quite chilly in Eddies room from the window being open. I mean come on. It's October now and Eddie still sleeps with the window open.

I walk over around the bed and to the window. I don't wanna be too loud. I grab the henges on the window and pull down to let the window close. I take an exhale and take my hands off the window to cross my arms from the cool air.

I turn to walk the other way but when I turn around I see Eddie. Him sleeping.

I stop in my tracks and just stare.

That face. It's so so beautiful. Beautiful.

I smile and then walk over to the bed and kneel down in front of him. So his face is right in front of mine. He's an actual angel. An angel. Does he actually like me? How could someone so beautiful and so kind and angelic be into a shit person like me. I can be stupid and sometimes mean. I don't get how anyone even stands me. I'm not even slightly attractive. But he seems to like me.

I mean, I do have pretty nice hair. Is it the hair? It's the hair.

I run down the stairs and moon walk into the kitchen. Not realizing Katie was sitting at the island in the middle of the kitchen.

She was drinking a huge mug of coffee. And takes one long slurp, I think she did that just to annoy me and honestly...I respect that.

I walk over to the kitchen sink and tilt my head towards her.

"So, you seem happier than you normally do but I've only met you last night so maybe you're just a happy person but that doesn't seem accurate so I'd say last night went well?" She says like a question.

Bold of her to assume I'm not a happy person....even though she is right.

"Um yeah actually. It was kinda perfect." I say along with a slight laugh.

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