𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐢 𝐜𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭?

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*that night*

"He's beautiful, isn't he?" Eddie says while dancing around his room. "Oh my god, yes, he's perfect" Katie says back as she holds her cigarette out of the window so the room doesn't fill with smoke. Eddie hates cigarettes but he knows Katie smokes when she's stressed. She going through a lot right now. Her parents are getting a divorce and there's a new rumor at school about her plus all of her school shit. Once she's done she flicks the cigarette into the neighbors lawn. Luckily the neighbor is a young stoner. "He totally likes you" Katie says. "Are you sure?" He says back. "He walked you home in the rain, he is repairing your bike, he laid with you for hours under a flower tree and went outside just to help you off the ground and make sure you were ok. He likes you" she says. "I don't even know if he's gay or not" Eddie says. "Trust me he likes you" she says. Eddie flips back on his bed and stares at his ceiling. Richie on the other hand is down in his garage working on Eddies bike and thinking about everything. He's not sure what he's feeling about Eddie. He sits and thinks. His mom is cooking dinner for him. All that runs in his brain was Eddies face. He wanted to tell his mom. He tells her everything. The bike was all fixed up, good as new, he even wiped it down with a Clorox wipe. He heads upstairs trying not to touch anything due to his dirty hands. He walks into the kitchen and to the sink. "Whatcha been doin down there"
His mother says while putting some potatoes in the oven. "Fixing up a bike" he says back while pumping the soap out on his hands. "Who's bike?" His mother says while mixing the noodles on the stove. "Um that kid who moved in up the street." Richie grabs a paper towel and starts drying his hands. "You're friends with him already" she says. "Yeah, I guess you could say we are friends." He says back. She starts setting up two plates at their small kitchen table. "Ok well it will be about an hour before the foods done." She says like she wants him to go lay down and rest. He walks out of the kitchen and up the stairs to his room. 'Am I gay?' He thought. Girls have always been to cute to him. He's never dated anyone before, just one closet make out at a party. He's always been flirtatious with boys but has never felt anything intimate with anyone. He flops back on his bed just to jump straight back up. 'I should call him?' He thinks as gets up and bolts down the stairs past his mom into the kitchen and starts looking in all the cabinets for the jar of honey. "What the hell are you doing?" His mom asks as she walks to the kitchen. "Where is the honey?" He snaps back. "The what?" "The fucking honey" he says. "Watch your mouth and I put it over where the sugar is" she says. He runs over to the sugar and right next to it is a jar of golden honey labeled 'umm Richie'. He grabs it and takes off to the upstairs hallway where the phone is. "Don't get it on your carpet" he hears his mom yell from downstairs. He takes a deep breath as he starts dialing the numbers on the bottom of the honey jar. He then starts to think, 'what would I say to him?' "Shit" he says out loud. He puts in the last number and quickly runs to the bathroom and shuts the door. He sits down on the counter of the sink and holds the phone up to his ear. His mom bought a phone with an extra long cord so they could all make calls from their own bedrooms. Richie wanted a phone of his own but he knew that they didn't have enough money as of this moment for a second line. The longer it takes for someone to answer, the more nervous Richie gets. Eddie on the other hand, was freaking out. "What if it's him? WHAT IF ITS HIM?" He shouts. "JUST ANSWER IT" Katie screams from the window seat she is now standing on. "Fine!" He reaches his hand towards the phone as Katie inches her way over to the bed. He picks up the phone and holds it to his ear. "Hello?" He says. "Hey um, it's Richie" he hears back. He puts the phone to his chest and mouthed out the words to Katie 'it's him'. Katie puts her hands over her mouth to stop her from getting too excited. Eddie puts the phone back to his ear. "Hhhiiiii, um hey, um yeah um is there something that um uhh..." Katie jumps up and down on the bed out of anger at Eddie. 'Talk to him' she mouthes. Before Eddie could say another word Richie started talking instead. "Yeah, I just wanted to tell you I um fixed your bike" he says. "Really? That fast? Wow, thank you"  "Yeah, it was just a flat so I fixed it right up. And I wanted to say that um... I had a lot of fun, with you at the park." Richie says nervously. "Yeah, me too." Eddie says back smiling. "Well yeah, that's all, so bye" Richie says quickly. "Wait, um I wanted toooo....[katie mouthes you got this] um, tomorrow I have nothing to do and I was thinking you could bring my bike over and um well I have this history test coming up that I need to study for and Katie can't study with me but I wondering if...maybe you could?" Eddie says. He holds up crosses fingers and bites his lip. "Um yeah, yeah, YEAH, no of course. I would love to. Um tomorrow, 3 o'clock?" Richie says while smiling so big it hurts his face. "Yeah, 3 o'clock is perfect." Eddies says back while holding Katie's hand. "Um bye then" Richie says, holding in a scream. "Bye" Eddie says and hangs up. Both of the boys start immediately screaming. "HOLY SHIT" Eddie screams. "You gotta date, you gotta date" Katie jumps up and down on the bed. Richie walks out the the bathroom and hangs up the phone. As soon as he does, he puts his back to the wall and slides down it. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" Richie says. "Holy fucking shiiiit" he puts his hands to his face, smiling bigger than ever. He quickly gets up and runs downstairs to the kitchen and stares at his mom. "What?" She says. He starts to open his mouth to say something but then just turns back around and runs right back up the stairs. He hops on his bed in excitement. "Eddie Kaspbrak" he says. "Richie Tozier" Eddie says. Katie was pacing around in Eddies room. "You did it my boy, you invited him to your house. You need to set everything up. You have to look good too. You have to have snacks like you have to make this as magical as you can for two teen boys studying." She says. Eddies room has always been clean. Besides little things like comics on the ground or hair brushes, Vaseline, and D&D dice spread across the top of his dresser. Katie starts to set up everything in his room. She took one of his little boxes and start putting his dice in it. "He's coming over tomorrow, I might actually have a chance with him" Eddie says. "I wish I had a love life, the most action I've ever even got was a wink from my 5th grade math tutor." Katie says. "It's happening, I'm going on a date. Well, not a real date but still I call it a date." "A date" "A FUCKING DATE"

Thank you so much for reading this chapter, if you have any suggestions or ideas or songs please leave a comment. Reddie is and will always be my religion.

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I just looked at stranger things memes for 3 hours, I need help

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I just looked at stranger things memes for 3 hours, I need help.

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