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Sorry this song is kinda short so you probably I gonna need to replay it a few times through out the story. Sorry again.

*the next morning*

It is officially the weekend. Saturday mornings sucked for Richie because his mom had to work all day. He had to cook his own breakfast and lunch and dinner. The only good thing is he has the house all to him self.

He wanted to see honey boy. Saturday's were boring. Bill has to go to his aunts every Saturday and Stan had to do something with his parents every Saturday and Ben has Kung Fu and it's mikes work day. Beverlys dad doesn't work on saturdays so there is no time for her to come over.

Saturday nights are fun, because everyone is usually free by 9:00 pm. But it was the day part that sucked. Richie sat on his porch. He knew that the boy wasn't going to come but he didn't know what else to do.

Eddies Saturday's were pretty boring as well. He stayed at home with his mom and stayed in his room usually just reading comics.

Today he wanted to do something. He didn't want it to be another boring ass Saturday.  He wanted to see Richie. 'It's stupid how I've only have known him for a day yet can't stop thinking about him' Eddie thought.

He got up out of bed and went downstairs. "Hey can I go to the park, ma?" Eddie says from the doorway to the kitchen. "Take two allergy pills and wear big spray." She says not looking up from the television. "Thank you" he says running back upstairs to grab his shoes.

Richie on the other hands was sitting on his porch still in pajamas with headphones on listening to his old cassettes. Africa by Toto. Richie leans his head back on the chair and listens to the music until he starts hearing something that's not the music.

He lifts his head and looks into the street to see Eddie on a bike waving his hand. He quickly takes his headphones off. "Hey Richie" Eddie yells from the street. "What are you doing?" Richie yells back.

He feels bad because he's in pajamas and has uncombed hair but he was also excited to see Eddie again. He doesn't understand the feelings he is feeling for Eddie. He doesn't know how to comprehend it. "I was just wondering if you um would like to g-go to the park with m-me?" Eddie says. "Um y-yeah, yeah of course. Um be out in a sec." Richie excitedly bolts in the house and runs upstairs. The unfolded clothes spilling out of dresser are drawn to Richie attention. He digs through everything, throwing unwanted clothes behind him. He finds a long sleeve black shirts and grabs Hawaiian button up and throws it on with some baggy jeans and some boots. He checks in the mirror and slightly fix's his hair and rubs his eyes. Eddie is waiting patiently on his bike. It's not like he has anything better to do. Richie busts open the front door and locks it behind him. He walks over to Eddie and puts his hands in his pockets. "Do you not have a bike?" Eddie says nervously. "OH, yeah." Richie says as he takes off to the back of his house. Eddie laughs to himself, he doesn't understand why he likes Richie so much. But today it was his plan to figure it out. Richie comes back with a bike and they take off. They don't talk much on the ride over because they are too focused on riding. Down a few blocks and they reach the park. They lock up their bicycles and start walking down the pathway into the park. At first it's a little awkward but once they start talking it gets better. "Yeah, so my grandma owns like a bee farm and makes her own honey and sells it locally. I go down there almost everyday after school for a cup of tea and some macaroons." Eddie says why looking down at his feet, still walking. "Well my mom was an only child and so were my grandparents and they both died before I was born and my mom and my dad divorced about 3 years ago and he needed to move to Missouri for a job and I wanted to stay here with my friends. But me and him never had a great relationship. So I guess it's just me and my mom" Richie says while looking at Eddie. "Really? Me too. I mean I don't really know my dad, he died when when I was really young so I can't even remember him and I don't have much family, just me, my mom, and my grandma....and um Katie" Eddie says. Richie has a worried face planted on. "Um who's Katie?" "Oh she's my best friend, frankly she's my only friend." Richie reply's with "I can be your friend." Eddie laughs as he knights Richie. "You are officially my friend." He says making Richie laugh. "What about you? Got any friends?" "Um yeah I think they'd like you. Um there's Bill, Mike, Stan, Ben, and Beverly." "That's a lot of friends." "Really?" "No but a lot compared to me" They both laugh. Eddie looks up and sees a big tree with pink and white flowers and a bench right under it. "Hey do you want to go over to the" Eddie says while pointing to the tree trying not to be too weird. "First one there has sex with the other ones mom" Richie says while taking off to the tree. "I don't think I want that" Eddie yells and then takes off too. They run up to the tree and Richie lays on the grass out of breath. "Haha I get *breathes in* to have sex with your mom" he barely gets out. "That's really gross" Eddie says back as he falls to the grass with Richie. They look up at the pink and white flowers on the tree with the sunlight peeking out. "Surprised these flowers are still on the tree considering how close it is to fall." Richie says. Eddie reply's with "I mean it's only the beginning of September" Richie gets confused and looks at Eddie. "It's September still? I thought we were already in October" Richie says. "You did?" "No" "oh" "I thought it was February" they both laugh. Luckily the park was pretty empty. They lay there on the hill, talking about their lives while looking at clouds with flower petals slowly falling on them. It seemed so perfect to both of them. It felt like minutes but they were there for almost four hours. Just talking. But dark clouds slowly rolled in and the wind picked up a little bit. "I think it's gonna rain. What time is it?" Richie asks. Eddie looked at his watch and sees the time. "Oh shit, it's 1:00 pm" Eddie says. Richie was a little shocked when Eddie said shit. He's never heard him swear before. "Woah, we've been here for like 4 hours" Richie says. "I gotta go, I invited Katie to come over to my house at 12:30" Eddie says while getting up. Richie didn't know who Katie was. Is she just a friend? Richie didn't know why he was jealous of her. He tried really hard not to envy her because she might be a really good person. Eddie start running down the hill and Richie follows him. They go to their bikes at the bottom of the hill and get on them. They start to ride along the path but Eddies bike won't work. He tries to pedal but it's not working. Richie gets off his bike to check out Eddies bike. It looked like it had a flat wheel. "Flat tire" Richie said. "Oh well that's great, that's just great. My mom is gonna kill me" Eddie said. Richie felt bad but he didn't know what to even say. "Well it can't get any worse" he says trying to comfort Eddie. Then it starts to rain. "Son of a bitch" Richie says. "Here I got an umbrella in my bike basket." He takes out a wrapped/folded up umbrella and presses the bottom of it so it shoots up. He slowly puts his hand up the metal stick until it is all the way open. Once he's done he holds it above them both. They grab their bikes and put them to alongside their    body's as they walk down the pathway. The umbrella is big and clear and light that is shining makes Eddie look gorgeous Richie thought. "I'm sorry about your bike, um I can fix it, if you want." Richie says. "Really?" He says back. "Yeah, I do a lot of crazy shit with my bike so I get flats a lot so I know how to repair them I guess." "Well if you know how, it saves me money...unless you want me to pay" "No, no don't worry about that. This is my thank you for the honey." "But the honey was a thank you for helping me" "then this is a thank you for turning this boring ass Saturday into something I enjoyed." "Ok deal" the rain was slowly getting harder and Eddies pants were completely soaked. When they made it to richies house he started to roll the bikes into the garage. Eddie didn't think he was gonna come back out so he started walking away when Richie started to run up behind him. "What are you doing?" Ed's says. "What am I doing?" "Wasn't that your house?" "Yeah, but I'm not letting you walk home alone in the rain" Richie says. Eddie smiles and blushes but looks down so Richie doesn't see it. They walk a block down and make it to Eddies house. Eddie sees Katie in the living room window and gives her a glare. Katie quickly hides from the window. "Well um bye" Richie says while I itching the back of his neck. "Bye" eddie runs up to the porch and is about to walk in the door. "Wait, you forgot your umbrella." Richie yells. Eddie looks back at him and yells back "it's pouring, just give it back next time." "And when will that be" "soon very, very soon." Eddie says as he closes the door. Katie runs up to him. "Is that him? IS THAT HIM?" She yells. "Ssshhhhhhh" "oh don't worry your mom left to go to work already." She says as Eddie takes one long exhale. Richie walks down the sidewalk happily repeating "soon very, very soon."

Ok Im done I hope you enjoyed this chapter, if you have any ideas or suggestions please leave a comment. Thank you very much for reading, reddie is and will always be my religion, bye.

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