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Richie blinks his eyes opening, not sure if last night was a dream or not because it seemed to unrealistic. His head was pounding and the whole world felt as if it were tilted. The first thing he sees when he opens his eyes is Eddie asleep in front of him. He glasses were coming up from his face and tilted upward. So he sits up quickly. The white light came in through the window and shined down on them. He adjusts his glasses and everything gets clearer. The clothes from the night before were still on him and last night hits like a rocket. He looks over and remember Eddie face when he told him. That face when he was drifting off. God.

Suddenly he bolts up out of bed and runs to the bathroom. Eddie just had fell asleep so he wasn't waking up anytime soon. Richie runs to the toilet and starts throwing up his guts. The burning in the back of his throat from stomach acid and alcohol hurt. It was quick. Not one of those vomit episodes where you just don't stop. He stands back up and feels shaky, like that feeling when you haven't ate anything in a while and you feel dizzy and shaky. He takes a deep breath and then turns the faucet handle and water starts spilling out, he drinks some and then starts splashing his face with water to wake him up more. Once he's done, he takes the wash cloth next to him and cleans himself up, drys his hands and face. And then looks in the mirror at himself. Dark circles and chiseled cheek bones. He could tell that he dropped at least 3 pounds. Which isn't a good thing.

His hair was a little bit more curly but overall he looked like a complete mess. At least to himself he did. But that face just kept showing up in his head. The face Eddie made. "I knew I shouldn't have said anything." He whispers as quietly as possible, so quiet he can't tell if he actually said it or not.

Staring back at himself, he thinks he knows what Eddies thinks. He believes Eddie now despised him for it. It was just his mind trying to kill him but looking back at the mirror. It was just like looking at every thing you wish you could change. His lanky, scrawny, body. His bad vision and glasses and tired eyes that never see rest. His teeth. That weren't even that bad. But he hated them. The downward curve in his nose. It's almost as if he was just specifically looking for all the imperfections. All his insecurities.

"I wouldn't want me either." He says with his eyes starting to fill up with tears. But I guess that sadness was over and now he was completely boiling inside. Mad at everything. Not Eddie. But at himself. He hits the door open and it swings into the hall way as he comes out and rushes back into the bedroom.  Eddie still is asleep in the bed and not seeming to be a light sleeper. Richie grabs his socks and shoes and starts putting them on, rushing. And with every movement, there was force. he gets them on he grabs his red flannel jacket that was laying over Eddie's desk chair and slips his arms in and tugs it over his body.

The sun started to really come in and Richie looked down at Eddie's alarm clock and read it in his head, 8:00 am. It was early but not too early to get the day started. He runs over to Eddies side and stares down at him.

He looked so peaceful and it only made Richie feel worse and see why Eddie wouldn't like him. Even though Richie was Eddies everything. He kneels down and kisses him on the cheek softly and quickly and then gets back up and angrily walks out the room, passing the the bathroom on the right and stomps down the stairs and walks into the kitchen to the yellow telephone that looked old. He picked it up and held it up to his ear and starts to dial a number. It was an older phone so it took longer to put in the number. But once he's got it all in, the phone rings and he hears that annoying sound that plays.

A scratchy young voice comes on the phone. "Hello?" They asked so confused. "Yeah, Call Sam over now." Richie says, not even introducing himself or saying hello. "Richie? It's like 8 in the morning. What the fuck?" The voice was tired and sounded like it was really strained. "Just do it. I'll be there in 20 minutes." He says almost yelling into the phone and then slams it on the holder making a chime and ring. He then walks right out the door and slams it behind him. But Eddie doesn't even open his eyes. Just lays there asleep in the bed.

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