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Richies eyes flutter open. His head pounding and body aching. The whole room seems to be spinning and he looks at the ceiling before realizing this isn't his room. He sits up quickly. Looks around and sees lights and organization. The words, i like you, repeatedly fly around in his head.  'Eddie?'
He thinks.

Pieces of last night start flooding back. He remembers coming out to his friends, scraping his knee, Eddie taking him inside, and that's about it. Everything else is a blur.

"Shit." Richie covers his mouth. He thinks. 'Did I tell Eddie.'
He looks over the side of the bed. No ones there. In fact it looks as if no one even slept there. He looks at the other side on the ground. A blanket and pillow are set. "He slept on the ground for me."
He whispers. The wind from the window blows inside. Richie looks at the bed side table and sees the telephone. He reaches for it, wanting to call his mom to pick him up. But instead he rolls out of bed and hits the ground hard. A big thump happens and Richies eyes go big.

"Richie!" Eddie yells from downstairs. "Fuck" Richie mutters before getting back in bed and pretending to be asleep. "I already know you're here and awake Dumbass. Just come downstairs and get some fuckin food!" He yells from downstairs. Richies stands up out of bed and stretches, grabs his glasses and puts them on his face. Everything hurts.

He walks to the door and slowly opens it. It creaks. A loud huge. 'Rrrrrreeeeee'
Richie bites his lip. Eddies mom must be gone otherwise Eddie wouldn't have yelled. He steps out the room and over to the stairs. The floor looks so far down. Step by step he walks down the stairs.
Once he got to the bottom, the cold hard ground touched his feet. "Come on. Your foods getting cold." Eddie yells and then rolls his eyes.  "Ok mother." Richie says quietly but Eddie heard it perfectly clear.

He walks slowly into the kitchen dragging his feet along the ground. When he walks in the doorway, he sees Eddie cooking some eggs and a plate already set out with a cup of water next to it and a bottle of ibuprofen. He assumes it's his and sits down right in front of it. "Well good morning." Eddie says as he sets the spatula down and puts the eggs on a plate with a fork. "Hi." Richie says awkwardly. "Take two of those pills and have some water and food. You should feel a lot better." Eddie sits down and starts eating. They both sit in silence while they eat. Eddie just digs into his food. Richie eats slowly and takes sips of his water while sometimes glancing up at Eddie. "Hey, what um happened last night?" Richie asks. Eddie looks up at him and swallows. "Um, you scraped your knee and I brought you inside, fixed you up and then you fell asleep."

Richie nods. "So I didn't like say anything weird right?" "No um not really. You were tired."

Richie nods again looking down at his food. Suddenly something hits. "Shit! What time is it?" Richie says. "Oh um 11:34. You slept really late." Eddie smiles. "Son of a bitch." Richie says and then runs from the kitchen table and takes off upstairs. Stumbling like crazy he searches for his clothes. He finds them on the ground and puts them on quickly.

Eddie rolls his eyes and sets his elbow on the table, resting his chin in his hand. "He doesn't even want to have breakfast with me." Eddie whispers. "He was just drunk."

Richie quickly step by step runs down the stairs and over to the table. "I have to go." "Yeah I know."

Richie chugs half of the glass of water and then runs to the door. His boots squeaked along the hardwood floor and out the door.

"Why doesn't he love me?" Eddie questions.

Richie runs out the door and to his house which is just around the corner. The air feels nice. It's a cloudy day. Yellow flowers grows along side the sidewalk and up on it. It smells like how you would imagine moonlight to smell like just without the moon. Like skylight. But there was no sky to be seen. Like cloud light.

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