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⚠️ I am not sure if I should put a Trigger warning or not for this chapter so I want to say that it has some extreme bullying and mentions suicide and some offensive language towards us homos so just keep in mind ⚠️

It's been a couple of days since the show
and almost everyday after school, Eddie would come over to Richies house. They'd sit in his room and read comics or watch a movie or something.

Today is Thursday, early October. It's pretty nice outside and fall leaves fall down on the sidewalks.

Eddie just got done with his tea at his grandmas and this is the first time ever she actually didn't give him a jar of honey.
At this point his house and Richies house is full of it. Eddies considering taking
some to a local farmers market and getting some actual money out of it. He would obviously give most of it to his grandma.

Eddie had to get home on time today, because his mom just got a new medicine that he has to take at 3:30 exactly. And his school lets out at 2:30.

Richie sits at his window waiting for Eddie to come by. He thinks about how good it feels. To have someone. Obviously he can't make it public but for the first time in a long time. Richie is actually really happy.

Eddie walks down the sidewalk next to Richies house and looks up at Richie. Their eyes meet.

Richie smiles and then runs from his room and down the stairs. He runs all the way to the front door.

Eddie laughs at how fast Richie runs from his window. Eddie had some blue jeans on and a striped polo with a jacket.

He walks up onto Richies porch as it squeaks and creaks. His backpack was sagging with how many books are in it.

Richie opens the door to see shorty. "Well hello, haven't seen you in a while." Richie says in his deep voice.

Eddie awkwardly laughs, "You are so stupid." He says.

They stand there for a second. Richie expects Eddie to want to come in but Eddie just stands and sways.

"Is everything okay?" Richie asks. Eddies hair blows in the wind, his lips and nose are rosy red from the cold fall weather.

Even though the door is open, it feels like there is a wall between them. "Yeah, it's just, I can't hang out with you today." Eddie says.

"I'm sorry, it's just my mom got this new medicine and she needs me home and a certain time and I'm really sorr-" Richie slides his hands down the door. "Chill Ed's. It's fine. We can hang out tomorrow or something like that." Richie says back.

Eddie has a sigh of relief. "Do you mind if I walk you home?" Richie asks. Eddie looks up at him and smiles. "Yeah, sure." He says and then Richie looks back inside for a moment. "Give me a sec." Richie shuts the door and runs to put on his shoes. Some basic converse and a denim jacket.

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