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Katie stayed over at Eddies house last night. They talked about what was going to happen all night long. How he was going to dress, how he was going to act, what was going to happen, and everything that went along. Katie cleaned Eddies room and hung Christmas lights all over his room to 'set up the mood'. Eddie kept saying it looked too staged but Katie just said roll with it. Richie on the other hand spent his time in the mirror perfecting what he was going to say. "Hi, so yeah your mom seems nice- no no I can't say that, it sounds like I'm tryna get it with his mom" Richie says "HI you're looking radishing, get it because radishes.....ok this isn't gonna work" he says while marching out the bathroom. Eddie really had a history test but Eddie already knew everything. Him and Katie made cards and studied them until it was embedded in their heads. So Eddie planned out the night on a piece of paper.

The perfect 'study night'

3:00 - He arrives at my house and I offer him a snack. I thank him for my bike and we go up to my room.

4:00 - We sit on my bed and study cards but slowly start to go off track and laugh.

5:00 - We talk about life until I start to get hungry and we go to get some food  but  go off track and decide to take a walk.

5:30 - I confess my love to him and he does the same and we all live happily ever after.

Of course Eddie didn't really think this was going to happen but Katie said to just do it. Richie is already dressed and ready at 1 pm. His mom already went to work he has nothing to do until 3. He lays and stares at his ceiling like he alway does. Thinking of life and Eddie. Eventually Richie just falls asleep. Lying there asleep in his bed while Eddie was in his kitchen pacing while being worried. "Don't worry, everything will go great" Katie says. "What if it doesn't?" Eddie says. "You're worrying too much. Just breathe ok, I'm going to be with you until he gets here so you don't have a panic attack but then I'm gonna sneak out the back when he arrives." She says calmly. Truly Katie is also very excited and exuberant but she has to keep it inside to keep Eddie calm. Eddies never been on a real date before, the only one he's ever been on was with Katie, and that time they both knew they were gay. "Ok so we have everything ready?" Katie asks. "Bowl of butterscotches?" "Check" "Christmas lights?" "Check" "study shit" "check" "good movie" "check" "music?" "Check" "ok, how do I look?" Eddie asks. "Wonderful" she says back. Eddie breathes in and out. He has some baggy jeans on with a white sweater. His hair is fluffy and his lips are tinted a pale shade of red due to the cherries he was eating earlier. Richie decided to leave a little bit early. He went to the garage and grabbed Eddies bike and umbrella and started to head out.  The sky was clear because of the rain that went on all night. There was now puddles and wet grass everywhere. He tried to avoid the wet parts of the sidewalk because he was wearing his nice, expensive, boots. He didn't know Eddies address but he remembered from yesterday exactly where it was. He stood in front of it, staring at the front door. The handles on the bike suddenly felt too big for Richies hands as he slowly, step after step, walked up to the door. His fingers were trembling, butterfly's in his stomach as he raises his hand to the doorbell and pushes it. Eddie and Katie shoot their heads up. "Everything will be okay, talk to him, good luck" Katie says before she gets up and runs out the back door. Eddie breathes in and out. The floor squeaks while Eddie walks across the house to the front door. Hand on the handle, he bites his lip and flings the door open revealing a tall boy with a bicycle beside him. "Hey, um...I have your bike" Richie says trying not to be awkward. "Oh yeah, you can just  throw it in the back yard-" Eddie says realizing Katie night still be sneaking out. "No, just leave it on the porch." Eddie repeats. Richie rolls it up by the rocking chair and rests it against the wall. Eddie starts walking back into his house without telling Richie to come with him but Richie gets the hint. He walks in and closes the door behind him, locking it. Eddie walks to the kitchen and grabs a box of saltines out of the cabinet. "Um if you're hungry I have snacks." Eddie says while grabbing a jar of honey from the counter. "Actually, I'm starving" Richie says while digging his hand into the box of saltines. "Same" Eddie grabs one and starts putting honey on it. "What the fuck are you doing, Ed's?" Richie says while slightly laughing. Eddie never heard him say that word before but he wasn't bothered by it. "Ok, when you get a jar of honey everyday, you have to find ways to eat the honey, although I usually just give it away." Eddie says while throwing the cracker in in mouth. "One time, my mom was making pasta and she forgot we didn't have sauce or butter so she just poured a bunch of honey in it and it actually tasted pretty okie dokie" Richie says. Eddie laughs, "Well you wanna head upstairs?" He says. Richie looks at him. "Pretty eager, Ed's, don't you think?" Eddie makes a face and Richie feels goosebumps all over his body. As soon as he said it he regretted it. "Sorry, I'm...stupid." Richie says looking down. "It's fine just don't call me Ed's and we won't have a problem" Eddie says while laughing to himself. "Maybe" Richie says while popping a saltine in his mouth. "Come on" Eddie grabs the box of crackers and head upstairs with Richie tagging along. They walk in his bedroom and Eddie goes over to his desk while Richie just looks around.  "So, I have this test on Tuesday and made cards and I found 3 books on the subject." Richie asks still looking around at the pictures on his bedside table and his nerdy stuff laying on his dresser. "Well you wanna get started" eddie says while sitting criss cross on his bed. "Um yeah sure" Richie takes his jacket off and lays it on the back of the bed frame. The shoes slip off his feet and then he sits on the bed. They do some work for awhile, read some text books look over the review sheet while laughing at each other. About an hour passes and Eddie forgot all about the 'perfect study night' and was just hanging out with Richie. "Oh this is my favorite card, so who is Agostus Pots?" "Agostus Pots doesn't exist." Eddie says. Richie flips over the card and gasps. "He is the inventor of spaghetti,and you said he didn't exist." Richie says with his hand on his chest like he is offended. "He doesn't exist!" Eddie laughs. "Are you kidding spaghetti is an art, look you even got textbooks about spaghetti." Richie holds up one of Eddies history books. "That's a history book" Eddie says. "No it's not see? H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, spaghetti." They both laugh. "You're an idiot" Eddie screams while grabbing his text book back. Richie laughs while slightly blushing. Eddie looks at the title of the book and sees study and it reminds him of his list. "I'm really getting hungry, maybe we should take a break and get some food." Eddie says. "I couldn't agree more" Richie gets up and walks to the door along with Eddie. They grab a snack from the cabinets and sit down at the island in the middle of the kitchen. Eddie can't take his eyes off Richies face. Richie would stare at Eddies eyes but he noticed that Eddie was staring at him which made him feel actually nice because he just wanted to be the only thing eddie saw. "So um maybe we could go for like a walk or something?" Eddie says while snapping Richie out of his gaze. "Um yeah, um but don't you have a lot of homework and studying and stuff." The truth is Richie didn't give a shit about Ed's homework but last time rich went out at night, he went home with a busted lip and a black eye from some kids that go to his school. He thinks if he's walking with a boy he'll probably get even more shit. 'Fuck' Eddie thinks. This is not going the way he wanted it to go. "Um, yeah well wanna go on the back porch, I really need some fresh air." Eddie says while slightly chewing his lip. They both walk out on the back porch and sit down on the stairs because they don't have any furniture out yet. Eddie wants to make his house really nice because his old one was always a reck. "So um, what's your school like?" Richie asks. "Just like any other school, assholes, theatre freaks, and the weirdos." Eddie says while gazing off into the distance. "Do you have any friends?" Richie asks. "Not really, just Katie. We met during the summer when I got my first job at a cafe, it was her first job too. We became friends and then got fired together. She came over to my house everyday. Then we started to date and we figured out we went to the same school and everything." Eddie says. Richie looks to the ground really ashamed. Richie knew he could never end up with Eddie and that Ed's was probably straight but he didn't think it would be that hard. "But me and her, we didn't really *laugh* work out I guess." Eddie says while taking a sip of his canned coffee. "What does that mean?" Richie asks. "Um, it's um complicated. We just weren't very compatible." Eddie says while smiling. "Still don't understand." Richie says. "Well like, she's tall and I'm short, she's blonde and I'm brunette, she liked winter and I liked summer. You know it just couldn't happen plus we never really even liked each other. We just dated so people wouldn't..." Eddie closes his eyes for a second and opens them again. "Wouldn't what?" "It's nothing" "I don't think it is, Eddie spaghetti." Richie says. Eddie looks at him. "If you call me that again, I will end you" Eddie says angrily. "Oh I'm sorry, allow me to be more formal, Edward spaghettward." Richie laughs out. Eddie smiles. Suddenly there is a rush of smoky air. "Oh hey Edwin" the neighbor says. "It's Eddie."  Eddie yells back. He was smoking like a pipe. The smell made Richie gag, not because it was that terrible of a smell but it brought up memories of his dad. His dad would always smoke cigarettes when he was fighting with his mom. "Come on, lets go inside." Eddie stands up and Richie follows him. "Bye Willis" Eddie says while walking in his house and shutting the door behind him. "So much for fresh air" Richie says. They end up back upstairs and it was getting late. The sun was now setting and everything was pretty much quiet, besides Richie and Eddie. They had the music turned up and were cracking up laughing. "So you fell on your face in front of the whole school." Richie blurted out. "Pretty much, and my mom took me to the hospital because she was convinced my nose was broken. It wasn't though." Eddie says. "Well I was always the biggest freak at my school, the only people who like me are my friends." Richie says. "Yeah, imagine having friends" Eddie laughs. "You have friends" Richie says. "No I don't" Eddie says. "I'm your friend" Richie smiles. Eddie blushes the tiniest bit. They both give each other heart eyes. Eddie examines all of richies features while Richie does the same to Eddie. Without either of them realizing, they were leaning in. They were looking into each other's eyes like it was the first time seeing them. Their faces where almost touching, it was about to happen. The moment Richie and Eddie have been waiting for. They both were getting closer and closer. *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* they both jump and their eyes bolt to Eddies door. "Eddie! Why is the music so loud! Are you ok?!" Eddies mom yells. "Shit shit shit" Eddie mumbles. "Yeah, mom everything is fine." Eddie looks at Richie and points to the window. "Go" he whispers. They get up from the bed and Eddie opens the window. "I'm just changing." He yells. 'Go' Eddie mouthes. Richie hops out of his window and down onto the wet grass. "Bye spaghetti man" Richie whisper yells. "Bye trashmouth" Eddie whispers back.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter, thank you for reading. Reddie is my religion.

 Reddie is my religion

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