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So it finally happened. They kissed. Well a little more than that.

"Come on!" Eddie yells. They walk down the sidewalk. It's cold and wet out. But Eddie thought it was a good idea, and Richie just kinda went along.

They both laugh. It was dark out but Derry was a small town and not much happened there. They walked out in the open so no one could just beat them up. Cars run by. Richie wants to put his arm around Eddie but that's a one way ticket to having a fist in your face.

They walk side by side. Richie has his hands in the pocket of his baggy jacket. "So where are we going?" Richie asks. "I mean I'm always up for a midnight snack but what are we doing?"

Eddie smiles at Richie. "Well I wanted a specific sweet treat sooo we are going to.."

Richie and Eddie come to an open parking lot in front of a lit up Seven Eleven. The lot had one car in it.

"The magnificent Seven Eleven." Eddie laughs and runs into the parking lot. Richie just stares at him and seven Eleven with a sweet smile. Eddie throws his hands up and does a small spin in the lot.

Richie laughs. "Come on Dickhead!" He says and walks up to the seven Eleven door. The light from inside and the seven Eleven sign shines in Eddies eyes and reflects back.

Richie just laughs and runs up to Eddie just before he opens the door. "You are so weird." Richie laughs.

Eddie swings the door open and a gust of cold air rushes in. They walk inside and the lady at the counter doesn't even look up from her magazine. Richie looks around and starts walking towards the Cheetos and chips. "This way, Dummie." Eddie whisper yells. Eddie stumbles backwards to the Slurpee machines. Richies eyebrows go up. They have 4 flavors working and 2 others are down. Blueberry and Strawberry machines are broken and have nothing in them. While Banana, Coke, root beer, and Cherry left.

They both grab medium size cups and start filling them up. Richie stands in front of the banana one, watching the cup filling up with the yellow slush. Eddie had a nostalgic and sentimental emotion towards the Cherry flavor of Slurpee. When he still lived in Derry, at ages around 1-6. He used to get the mini cherry Slurpees but then they moved, just to end up back in this shithole.

They both place lids on each of the cups and put the crinkley bendy straws in them. The counter tops were filled with crumbs and spilled liquids. It doesn't seem like they have much workers here.

They walk up to the register and a teen looks up at them. She has a lot of makeup on to cover up her acne and her hair is teased and permed. She keeps blowing bubbles with her bright pink bubble gum.

Richie thinks he's seen her around his school. She rolls her eyes and sits back and starts putting things in the register. Eddie looks up at Richie and then back at the girl.

"That will be 7 dollars and 23 cents." She says. Richie looks at Eddie. "Oh so I have to pay?" Eddie says. "I don't have any money on me dipshit this was your idea." Richie whispers.

Eddie reaches in his pocket for a 10 dollar bill and then hands it over to the lady. She puts it in the cash register and then hands Eddie his change. "Thanks." Eddie says. And then both boys walk out of the store and sit on the curb just outside.

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