𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐦𝐞

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Eddie and Richie dont really talk much after dinner. Richie just sits and watches him go by every day. His friends invited him to go to the quarry. He doesn't really want to go but he thought why not. It's not like there's anything better to do.

Richie just wants something he thinks is just too impossible. He walks to the quarry alone. As he gets closer he can hear his friends talk. Once he goes through the trees he looks around and sits in the first empty chair he sees. "Ah there he is." Ben says. Bill looks at Richie.

"What?" Richie asks. "Nothin." He replies back.

"Ok I might've stole something from my dad the other night." Beverly pulls out two big bottles of vodka from her bag. "Wooooh" Stan yells. "You're a lifesaver Bev." Mike laughs. "What about you Trashmouth? Up for a drink?" Bev asks. "More than up for a drink." Everyone laughs and giggles while passing around plastic cups. Mike refuses and Ben just wants a few sips. "Guys there is so much left though." Bev laughs.

"I can't drink all of this and I can't take it home." Beverly says. "I'll take it." Richie looks down. "The whole bottle?" "Just hand it over"

She hands it to Richie. He takes a swig of the bottle and sets it in his backpack. "Are you sure? What about a hangover in the morning?" Bill asks. "I don't give a fuck." Richie mutters.

Bill rolls his eyes and looks at Beverly. She mouthes the word 'no'

Stan sits up and says, "Truth or Dare anyone?" "I'm down" Ben laughs. "Ok Mike, Truth or Dare?" Stan asks. "Um Truth I guess." Mike takes a sip of his drink.

"Were you scared of us when we first came up to you?" Stan laughs. Beverly takes a big gulp of her drink. "Um yeah, actually."

They all laugh. "I mean how would you feel if 5 middle schoolers walked up to a homeschooler acting like crackheads and ask you if you want a milkshake?" Mike says. "Ok Truth or dare, Ben."

Ben thinks about his answer. "Um I'm gonna go with Dare." He replies. "Woah that's a first." Stan says. "Ok close your eyes and then open and the first thing you see, you have to kiss." Mike says.

Ben sighs and shuts his eyes. His head goes back and forth and then he opens his eyes. His eye spots a tree. "A tree." He says. He stands and walks over to it and gives it a kiss. "Ew." He mutters.

"Ok Bill, Truth or Dare?" Ben says while wiping his mouth. "Dare." Bill says back.

"I dare you tooooo.......ummm lick the bottom of Beverlys boot."

They all laugh. "Do it." Stan says. Bill gets down and licks the bottom on Beverlys shoe very quickly. "Ew. That was disgusting." Bill. Spits out. Mike starts clapping. "Ok, you Trashmouth. Truth or dare?"

Richie stares at the bottle of alcohol and then up at Bill. "I'm not playing." Richie feels like being alone. He feels like crying. Even though he doesn't really do any drugs or drink that much. All he wants is to get high.

"Truth or dare is your favorite. Come on." Bill says. Richie rolls his eyes. "Come on? I don't want to."

"Really? Really Richie? Are you scared?" Beverly looks at Bill and stomps on his foot. Bill looks at Beverly and and gives her wide eyes. "What would I be scared of? I pick dare every time, I'm not scared." Rich scoffs and takes another drink. "Oh dare is not what you're scared of." "What's that supposed to mean?" They both lean forward. "It means you've been acting weird." Bill says strongly. "No I haven't."

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