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I will always put music before the story starts so y'all can listen to it while you read. The chapters will be about 1500 words to 2000. And I always put either cute pictures or memes at the end of my story's so please enjoy💫🍯✨🐝

// this story takes place about a year after IT 2017, but pennywise never happened and all of them are still friends except Eddie. He just moved here //

Honey. Honey, Richie repeated in his mind as he watched the shorter boy walk while jumping over every crease in the sidewalk.

He just stared at him. Ever since school started the smaller boy has been taking that same pathway next to richies house. Always had a jar of honey in his hands. Richie didn't know why. Where he got the honey. Why he was carrying it. Who gave it to him.

He was wearing corduroy orange pants with a striped shirt and a jacket. He wore big combat boots and a backpack with a bunch of pins on it.

Richie wondered why the boy didn't just put the honey in his back pack. The word just kept replaying in his head. Honey, honey, honey, honey until he has saying it out loud. "Honey" he spoke.

Richie never thought people were cute. He refused. He always tell the others and himself that love is silly. But really he was just scared of being heart broken.

He didn't really know his sexuality. He kept telling himself that he was straight. That he likes girls yet he finds him self there at his window every Monday, tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Just watching the boy walk down the sidewalk. "Beautiful" he said out loud not realizing what he said.

His hands shoot up to his mouth and covers it. His friends all look at him. Richie invited them over to work on a group project.

He slowly turns his head to see them all staring at him. "Your mom" he says hoping that they will just brush it off.

"Oooooo do you like someone" Beverly says. Richies eyes pop out of his head. "What? Me? Like someone? Oh please, when hell freezes over" he says in a very loud tone.

"Ok" she says and the others go back to working. When Richie looks back through the window the boy is gone.

The next day he sits by his window again and watches the boy walk up the street. At first he only pays attention to the boy until he notices 2 bully's from his school. They were walking up behind him.

Richie wanted to warn him but he was frozen in place. He watches as the two bully's push honey boy to the ground, breaking his labeled jar of honey.

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