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You Won't Float {Pennywise x Reader} by Sinshine-Lennypops
You Won't Float {Pennywise x 'wonderful weather we're havi...
I do not take credit for the art shown as the cover. "You'll float too~!" Those words rung in your ears as you stared at a pair of bright orange-yellow eyes. T...
  • 2017
  • youll
  • pennywise
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50 Shades Of Skarsgård  by itsjohnnycade
50 Shades Of Skarsgård by Sadie Tucker 🤪😌
You already know 💦
  • losersclub
  • theoutsiders
  • pennywise
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Pennywise x reader  by CayMcClendon
Pennywise x reader by C M McClendon
You've been seeing a clown around alot lately , you think nothing of it at first intill one night...
  • x-reader
  • clown
  • romantic
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Pennywise X Reader Smut/Lemon by Yaoi_Tiddies
Pennywise X Reader Smut/Lemonby (/ÒwÓ)/ |___|
I can't believe I'm fucking doing this. It's not gonna be super long or span for multiple chapters. I'm doing a max of 2. I'mma do this in 1 go so I'm not going back to...
  • lemon
  • pennywise
  • xreader
Slashers x reader by Samaroni1996
Slashers x readerby Samantha
the slashers x reader! Smut, fluff, and such! I take requests
  • normanbates
  • smutwarning
  • freddy
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The Girl In The Red Raincoat (Pennywise x Reader) by AmberOndy
The Girl In The Red Raincoat ( purplebookworm
A simple college student in the small town of Derry, Maine finds her life turned upside down when she connects with an unusual being. *this story is mature*
  • pennywisexreader
  • fanfic
  • forbiddenlove
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ー DADDY「stanley uris 」✔️ by bandaidbaby
ー DADDY「stanley uris 」✔️by 🍓 nαnα
❝ you're not my dad, stanley ❞ ❝ you're right. i'm your daddy. big difference ❞ in which stan is targeting his best friend's sister female oc x stanl...
  • uris
  • stanley
  • pennywise
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Daddy Wise (pennywise X reader) by CayMcClendon
Daddy Wise (pennywise X reader)by C M McClendon
soooooo I've been reading a shit tone of penny x reader stories and it's got me in the mood to make another one! This will be diffrent than my first one and the second o...
  • lover
  • x-reader
  • clown
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Surprise, bitch! [pennywise x reader] by Therizin
Surprise, bitch! [pennywise x Therizin
He's been watching you for months now, never had the chance to get his clawed hands on you. Now he does. "Surprise, bitch!" Discord -
  • demon
  • lover
  • horror
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Tears are for Tasting - PennywisexReader by Princess_Vegeta_
Tears are for Tasting - Not Your
⚠️ READ THE WARNINGS ⚠️ "You hate clowns? How delicious" Warning: This story will contain a lot of triggering things: Rape, suicide, self harm, smut, physiol...
  • physco
  • killerclown
  • hot
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Bill Skarsgård Imagines by evaoli
Bill Skarsgård Imaginesby 𝐞 𝐯 𝐚 𝐨 𝐥 𝐢
  • skarsgårdimagines
  • billskarsgard
  • sweden
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Richie Tozier Quotes | ✔️ by _ShippersFanfics_
Richie Tozier Quotes | ✔️by ✔️ A Loser ✔️
Richie Tozier quotes from the 2017 movie "It" I took a lot of time to rewatch the movie and write a lot of these, lol.
  • richietozier
  • quotes
  • trashmouth
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Horror Movie Scenarios & One Shots! by CamsterHale
Horror Movie Scenarios & One Shots!by ❦cαм❦
•Scenarios mixed with Slasher one shots, as I've seen that only a few of these exist - I've read almost all of the ones on Wattpad and I grew so frustrated with the lack...
  • horrormoviescenarios
  • jasonvoorhees
  • camsterhale
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IT's love (Pennywise x oc)  by Iloveanime3653
IT's love (Pennywise x oc) by iloveanime3653
Ok so I watched the new It and I absolutely loved it and the actor that plays Pennywise it actually pretty cute so I'm going to make this fanfiction.
  • elenaparker
  • sad
  • pennywise
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a girl, in 2019, able to feel so deeply about past events to where she's brought to that exact time. as she attempts to save everybody, she seems to fall in love along t...
  • stephenking
  • 1989
  • pennywise
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Loser (BillyDenbroughXReader) by losersquadunite
Loser (BillyDenbroughXReader)by QueenOfLosers
I was bored so I decided to make this :)
  • richietozier
  • billydenbroughxreader
  • benhanscom
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fear » e.k. x reader by -petrified
fear » e.k. x readerby – inactive
❝ LOOK , WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY ? TO STOP BEING CHILDREN AND THAT EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY ? ❞ started - january 18, 2018 finished - february 9, 2018 highest rank - #...
  • scary
  • stanley
  • bill
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I am a loser too (Bill denbrough x Reader) by omg_cholesteral
I am a loser too (Bill denbrough omg_cholesteral
(Y/n) moves to Derry Maine with her rich aunt after her parents died in a car crash. Little did she know what was to come in the future.
  • bill
  • it2017
  • horror
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IT ‚     one shots by Boones-
IT ‚ one shotsby ミ★ 𝐛𝐚𝐛𝐢
It (2017) Character one shots. I take requests, smut included. They will be aged up (16+) automatically if it is nsfw. I don't write for the cast members unless you some...
  • billdenbrough
  • nicolashamilton
  • jaedenlieberher
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sugarcoat it | bill denbrough by illiteratewildchild
sugarcoat it | bill denbroughby <3
And then he kisses me hard on my lips, he kisses me and the faint hesitation of fourteen years is released in one beautiful moment, I put my hand on the small of his bac...
  • jaedenlieberher
  • stephenking
  • ít
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