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Sorry if that song scars you

Eddie laughs and then starts heading down the hill, excited to see Richie even though they just saw each other an hour ago. He's wearing Birkenstock's and as he was running down, sand got up all inside them. Richie noticed, he had a small guitar case strapped around his body and placed on his back.

When he gets closer, Richie realizes it's a ukulele. He brought a ukulele to the beach.

He got closer and closer until he slowed down and he was standing around a foot away from Richie. They both stare at each other and examine what each has. Eddie sees the food and the blanket and Richie sees the Beatles shirt and the ukulele. The first time, they can act like no one is watching.

The ukulele falls off his shoulder and into the sand as he runs to Richie, wrapping his arms around him and kissing him on the mouth. Richie leans back, unexpected. Since Eddies arms are wrapped around Richies neck. He stands on his tippy toes to reach him.

When he lets go, he stands back and takes a look at Richie. "Oh and I brought rocks because I thought we could throw them in the ocean." Eddie says and runs over to the ukulele case and opens the front pocket revealing a bunch of pebbles.

Then he stands up and looks Richie in the eyes. "Are you okay?" He asks.

Richie blinks out of thought and looks at Eddie. "Yeah, no. I'm fine." He says quickly.

"Really? Because you're doing that thing when you stand and say nothing and you look like you can't breathe." Richie rolls his eyes and sits down on the blanket. "I do not do that."

Eddie sits down with him and laughs. "You do!" Richie shakes his head side to side. "Well Eddie my love, today we have some delicious snacks." Richie points out. Eddie nods.

They sit and snack on some chips, for a moment the chip bag started to fly away with the wind but then Richie caught it.

"So like what is this place anyways?" Eddie asks. Richie takes a look around and thinks about all of the time he spent here. "Well it's my moms friends. Her friend owns this beach and it's been like past down in her family or whatever. Either way she moved away and was rich enough to not care about this place so my mom and I always used to come down here whenever and not have to worry about anyone else." He says with a mouth full of sour cream and onion chips.

They open other food items and eat. Richie eats his sandwiches while Eddie tries the granola bars that Richie made with the honey. "These are really good Richie." "Thank you." They both share them. "I seriously don't know what you do with all that honey, Ed's."

"It's not that much." Richie snorts and then laughs hard but no noise comes out. "Not that much? You get like one everyday?" He questions. "First off, I get like 3 a week so no it's not that much. Second off I use honey in my morning tea and nightly tea. I put it in everything I eat. Toast, biscuits, fruits, berries, cereal, all kinds of stuff. Also give them to friends and sell them and try to get customers for my grandmas business." He says while awkwardly twiddling with his fingers, expecting to hear the joke.

"Oh, Ed's I didn't know you were a salesmen trying to get clients for your grandma." Richie laughs. Eddie gives him a dead stare. "Shut up, Richie." They laugh and talk for a while, until the awkward tension clears out and they eat. Eddie talks about his grandma and Richie talks about his dad. As the conversations go on, they get more serious and more personal. But that was good. Richie just needed to not slip about the fact that he went to a mental hospital and was in a really bad place, while he's getting flashbacks about the beach.

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