𝐄𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐲 𝐖𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐨𝐧

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After the movie, everyone kinda went to bed and nothing really happened. Ben, Mike, Bill, and Beverly all went upstairs. Ben slept until his bed with mike next to him while Bill and Beverly slept in the living room on the couch and love seat.

While Stan, Richie, Eddie, And Katie all went in the basement. Stan and Eddie slept on the opposite sides of the couch because they were both shorter while Richie and Katie we're tall. Katie slept in the bean bag chair and Richie just slept in the blanket on the floor.

It was around 12 when everyone started to wake up. First was Ben and Mike. Then once they were up, Bill and Beverly woke. They started to make pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Obviously most of them had hangovers.

Stan woke up next and just just kinda sat there for a few minutes. But then Katie woke up and they both decided to go upstairs.

"I feel like a bus station just shit in my mouth." Bill says. Ben was the one cooking. All of then were kinda walking around. Taking turns to go to the bathroom. Stan grabbed his plate and sat on the couch and turned on the morning news.

Eddie woke up but was sitting on the couch still. He was sitting and staring at Richies face.

"Okay we got another plate of bacon ready." Ben announces. Bill stands up and grabs it and sets it on the table for everyone to eat.

"Isn't Richie wanting time become vegan or something?" Mike asks. "Yeah, it's already weird he doesn't eat meat and now he wants to only eat grass." Bill says.

Stan laughs quietly at what he said. "Well I bought a vegan donut for him yesterday because I knew he wouldn't want to eat any eggs or dairy." Ben says.

Eddie walks up stairs, dragging his feet. He feels like he just crawled out of a swamp. Katie sees him and can tell that this is his first hangover.

"What do you think, polo?" Beverly asks. Eddie looks at her confused and a face like he's walking on needles.

"Do you think it's weird that Richie wants to be vegan?" Eddie thinks about it for a minute. He would never think that Richie would ever be vegan or even vegetarian. "I mean, I eat Slurpees with a spoon so." He says. Katie giggles because she's seen Eddie eat a Slurpee.

Later on Richie wakes up and goes upstairs. Everyone still is eating breakfast.
"The beast has awoken." Stan says.

Richie walks over and puts his arms around Eddie not really thinking about what the others would think but Eddie kinda awkwardly freezes up. He sets his chin on top of Eddies head.

"I feel like I'm pregnant with an alien that's trying to eat my insides." Richie says. Katie laughs to herself. He is probably the one who drank the most next to Beverly.

"I can make you one of my hangover smoothies." Ben says and then flips over a pancake. It sizzles in the butter. "That's literally the gayest thing I've ever heard." Richie says. It got quiet between everyone for a second. But since no I'm one was looking at Stan he covers his mouth to stop him from laughing.

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