𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐩𝐨𝐧𝐠 𝐧𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭

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Richie lays down in his bed and stares willingly at the ceiling. Well the day didn't get off to the best start.

Okay so maybe he punched Henry in the face after he made fun of Richie for being gay and depressed. And then he impulsively came out to his mom when he clearly wasn't ready. And then he was forced into an awkward conversation with his dear father.

Something still feels off. 'Anything else?' Richie wants to scream. He should be cleaning his room like his mom asked but fuck that shit.

We will all die someday and everyone will forget you so what's the point of trying so hard to get other people to notice you.

A few hours go by and Richie goes downstairs for snacks here and there. It doesn't make sense how scrawny he is considering how much food he eats and then how active he is.

He was the fastest runner when he was on the track team. He was the only one to actually participate in gym, among his friends. When he was in the hospital they had a boxing mat and class that Richie participated in because his therapist said it would be a great way to get out his anger. And it helped a lot. I guess that's why Richie knew how to throw a punch. Plus he bikes and skateboards.

Lately he hasn't been skateboarding as much because he sprained his ankle in the beginning of the school year but he didn't wanna tell his mom because he knew that she would've wanted to get him a brace. And not that they are dirt poor but if they didn't have their dad still sending them money and already paid off the house then they'd be homeless.

His dad cares so much about him and his mother. Even after the divorce his dad still would do anything for his mom and that's not something to take for granted. But Richie just figured his dad didn't care. He just sends them money thinking that it's a form of parenting.

This Christmas his dad is coming up to visit. On Christmas each of them switch every other year. This year it's his moms year. So his dad comes and stays in a hotel and bring Christmas gifts and has dinner with them for the week or Christmas.

Since his dad is kinda like rich, he's a dentist who lives alone as of now and the only things he spends his money on besides food and water are games and musicals him and his friends go to.

His dad usually brings presents for all of Richies friends too.

Anyways, Richie cleans his room and watched TV after. He watched Stand by me and ate popcorn.

Hours go by until Richie realizes that it's around that time where Eddie walks home from school.

He stands up from the couch and notices that he's not ready at all. He was wearing dirty gym shorts and a AV club sweatshirt from his school.

He runs so quick up the stairs he nearly gets rug burn on the bottom of his feet. He runs up step after step and finds himself in his room. He digs to find these super baggy Levi's and slips them on when the door bell rings.

"Shit shit. Son of a bitch!" He yells. The jeans were slightly falling of his slim figure. He looks in the mirror and fluffs his hair and readjusts his glasses.

"I look like shit." He runs back out of the room and down the stairs all the way to the front door. He can hear Eddie humming an Elvis Presley song and slightly laughs to himself.

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