Chapter - EIGHTEEN

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A/n: I really love my fans, that's all I can really say! Are you guys sad that this is the last book? Okay ya'll know I might throw in a fourth book but NOT right away. I'm really going to be focusing on a triology of a new thug book, called 'Latin Kings.'  I'm not sure where the location would be set it. In Latin Kings, it will be more well written, more action and looveee lies like no OTHER! I really can't wait! 

[Josh Pov]

Man, I can't believe we're so close in finding Maya. I missed this girl so much. Right when we catch her, I'm getting that nigga who even thought to fucking kiddnapp her in the first place. Although, I wouldn't blame him. Maya sexy as fuck.  Mecca looked over her shoulder to make sure I was hot on her heels.

"Come on, we don't have all day." Mecca says, point blank.

I admire that girl. She knew us what? For a good couple of months, and she's already showing her loyalty. Maybe we'll have to recruit her  into the BDS. Maybe have her be a runner. Slang a few blocks of cocaine here and there. That sounds more like it.

I followed Mecca closely, and we acted like we were just two friends walking casually into the mall. There was secruity on the far end, but somehow we managed to slip passed them unseen. 

"That was close." Mecca mumbled, and I nodded my head.

My gun was resting nicely in the waistband of my jeans. I was ready to find my girl. But where the hell were we supposed to meet again? Oh yeah that's right...behind the mall. There's a door, where a huge parking lot sits. So that means our car will be parked close by so we can get the f*ck out. In fact I hate North Carolina.

All I see is country ass grass, and more grass. I miss Chicago. Maybe I'll talk Maya into transferring into University of Chicago or some shit. That's a good School right...?  My thoughts drift to something else... the way Maya walks in those jeans... the way her ass jiggles... and---

"Josh! Come on man, damn!" Mecca yells-whispers in an annoyed tone. "Like forreal? Stop zoning out  you have to be ready."

"My bad, my bad! Damn." I roll my eyes, "Not my fault Maya got that donk." I thought I whispered this, but apparently not.

"What?!" Mecca spun around and looked at me. 

"Huh? Oh nun."

"Mmm." Mecca says, patting her jeans for her gun."

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