Chapter - SEVEN

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[Unknown Pov]

It was crazy that she didn't know. How could she? She was only a couple of years younger than me when it happened. She needs to know that I'm not the enemey. It was Devon. He did this to her, but yet she's with him. She doesn't know, that I love her. Maybe I can stop him before he goes crazy on all of us.

I sigh, and pace back and forth. I stare at her picture and then place it back into my drawer. I checked my vault for my ak-47, and my other rifle. They're still intact. Good.

I wasn't sure when I was going to use them, but hopefully soon. I twist the cap on my head sideways before stuffing my feet into my Js. I step outside my large house and pull out my iphone.

I dial his  number but he doesn't answer.

P*ssy. I think silently to myself.

You can run Devon, but you can't hide. And then everyone will know who you truly are.

* * *

[Nick Pov]

I wasn't going to stop until I got what I wanted. I had came back that same day, and saw Trisha dead. Blood was not seen so I checked the cabniets. I figured she had killed herself. What a shame, that was. She was fine as can be. I shook my head, and dimissed the two girls. They were happy to be out of my sight, I could tell.

I reclined back into my leather couch, and counted all my stacks of green. My phone rang. I didn't really feel like talking to anyone on the phone, but something told me to just pick it up.

"Hello?" I answered in an annoyed voice.

"This is Officer, Randy we have a warrant out for your arrest." He said in a bored tone.

I hung up the phone. My heart was racing. I was nervous as hell, but I'm not gonna let the feds know that. I clutched my phone and got up. I threw it out the window, and watched it break in half. 

I quickly dialed, Devon's number.

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