Chapter - Twenty THREE

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I wipe at my tears and Mecca stares at me with concern on her face.

"You sure you okay?" She asks, unsure whether to hug me or not. I nod my head and smile through my blurry eyes.

"Yeah I'm fine."


2 weeks later


It was Valentine's Day. The day where all of the couples got together and did whatever they wanted. What was I suppose to do on a day like this? I was still unsure of Devon and where our relationship was headed towards. Mecca decided that we needed to go out and have some fun, but I didn't know why she wanted to hang out with me. I mean yeah we cool and all, but shouldn't she be spending time with her daughter or boyfriend?

I still didn't know what to do about my previous kidnapping and I needed to find answers, but right now I needed a break from all of this mystery, thug shit.

I peer into the mirror, worry lines were present on my brown skin. I grab some red lipstick and add it gently to my lips. Eyeliner, and mascara followed after.

I was weairng a pair of black stretchy yogas and a pale crop top sweater that glistened in the light of the room. I inhaled and  capped all of the makeup together, and added a nice necklace. I had cut my  hair two inches, and every strand of hair that fell got me crying. #BlackPeopleProblems.

Devon used to say I looked better with Short hair, but that's not that reason I had cut it.

Andre was still at the house though, I could tell he was either worried about me or maybe about his career, if his bossman didn't find out. But we confiscated his phone, and he ended up getting a new one. He promised he was done with his "dirty ways," but we didn't believe him yet. I still needed to regain my trust. I mean he kidnapped me! And I still didn't have all the answers I needed, but I suppose that would come in due time.

Devon came in the house, but didn't sleep with me in our bedroom. I'm guessing he slept in a different bedroom, but he would be gone a lot. I don't know where or what he was doing.

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