Chapter - NINE

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A/n: You guys really enjoyed reading that last chapter! I wanted to make it fairly long for you guys b/c I been slacking non-stop. Anyways I'm not sure how long this chapter will be. You guys all know what I free write my chapters so, whatever happens,happens. I don't plan anything really. But wow almost 10 thousand reads, that's awesome!! Make sure to check out my love you everyday like feb series. B/c I am focusing on that book next.

[Maya Pov]

My breath had caught inside my throat. Was I really going to do this? And then I thought about Devon. I mentally swore inside my head! I couldn't believe I came so close to almost, throwing my clothes off for a guy I barely knew. If my parents were still alive they'd be ashamed of my ass.

Ole Boy seemed to notice my hesistation so he got off me. "My bad, girl." He said just as easy. There was no hint of guilt or embaressment in his charcoal eyes.

I nodded slowly and rubbed my eyes. My high was slowly fading. I shivered and he seemed to notice my hint of me wanting to be alone.

"I'll be back later." He said deadpan.

"I can't come with?" I ask because qute frankly this house is boring, and I have nothing to do.

He shook his head. "Girl, where I'm going you don't wanna come with."

He left just like that. No bye or anything, just a slammed door to my face. I sigh and close my eyes. My head hurt, and I already knew there wasn't anymore advil to take. I know this because I checked.

"Devon, I miss your ass." I say aloud slamming my gace into a velvet pillow. It smelled like sweat and Tom Ford colonge. Strangely, it made me sleepy and soon I was falling into an abyss of darkness.


[Josh pov]

I was pacing up and down my room, scrawling notes into a black notebook. The pages were faded and a slight grease stain from eons ago, was spreaded against the papery page. I knew I was close to finding Maya. Devon seemed to be acting like his normal self again which seemed too good to be true.

I had talked to Mecca to see what she had thought about the matter and she didn't give me a definite answer.

"I don't know what crawled up his ass. Didn't Maya mention something about bi-polar...huh must be true." She rambled on as she nuzzled into her boyfriend's neck.

I sighed fed up with her lame answers. She's being unfocused on the damn case and all about her man nowadays. Looks like it was up to me.

I threw on a pair of Jeans--since i was in a pair of boxers and a t-shirt the entire time. I left the t-shirt I was wearing and grabbed a bottle of water. I stuffed my feet into a pair of Timbs and grabbed the carkeys from the counter to my black corvette. 

I drove around aimlessly around North Carolina. I hated it down here, and Maya had missed so many weeks--I was worried about how much of her free ride Scholarship she would loose. Damn, and Duke didn't play about their Academic scores.

I swallowed thickly, and smiled remembering the good times Maya and I had.

*FlashBACK*(In Maya's Pov but Josh is thinking about what had happened).

He smiles, before getting up and fixing him another heaping plate of breakfast food. He sat back down, "Trisha called me the other day."

I grimmace. "And?"

He filled me on everything he had talked to her, that day. "Do we really have to get her?" I whined, not liking the idea at all. Why is it I always have to come rescue her?

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