Chapter - THIRTY ONE

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[Trisha's Pov]

I know it may sound confusing to realize that I'm alive. In fact I'm going to be honest, Davon helped me staged this entire thing. I mean in order to be in the gang life sometimes you may just have to disappear.. I mean people fake their own damn deaths all the time so it shouldn't be anything new.

I inhaled the crisp air looking at my stunned ex-friends faces. Poor Josh and Maya these idiots really thought I was dead. I mean I'm not an evil person am I? IT'S just Maya always was the selfish one..her aunt took care of her and she couldn't even what call her or check up on her? And sure I hAD A small crush on Devon way back when..but like honestly he's too soft for me.

Devon and I might have been having a secret relationship this entire time. Yeah that girl he snuck around with and talked on the phone with was me. Simple, when he wasn't with Maya's ugly ass he was with me.

But before we jump into the present let's flashback shall we?

*** 1 year ago, North Carolina * * * * Trisha's Pov

I looked around the dark room. My hands and feet were bound. I had nearly forgotten that I was kidnapped and I was scared.

"Let me the fuck go." I spat at whoever was near me.

"This bitch is crazy" I hear one of the attacker's say.

A deep sexy voice had mumbled something. "Chill. We have to keep her away from Devon."

I was confused on what they were talking about. I must have been in this sitting-down position for awhile because when they finally untied my feet and hands, I had a serious case of the cramps.

"What am I doing here?" I just knew that I was going to die soon. I didn't know where Maya and Josh were..I don't even know  what had happened. 

"Chill everything is going to be okay." The deep and sexy voice said. A shadow flicked on the lights and revelead their faces. Deep and Sexy voice extended his hand,

"I'm Andre and this is my friend." I didn't take his hand I just gave him a crazy look.

"Please don't run away just yet." He sighed, his dark eyes seemed stormy with concerned. He pulled out two chairs.

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