Chapter - TWELVE

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"NIck." He said simply. Too be honest i wasn't as shocked as I should be. I mean yeah he said he worked for Nick the guy that me and my crew stayed up looking for.

"Oh." I say, crossing my arms. I still couldn't believe that Andre was the one holding me captive this entire time. Everything was just strange, weird and completely unexpected. I was wallowing in my thoughts just for a brief second.

"Wait Nick is the guy that's trying to--" I began but then he cut me off. Man WAS I getting annoyed with this nigga cuttting me off. Can I finish my sentences or nah?

"Yeah he's my boss. He sent me to look for you but then--" It was my turn to cut him off now. I was confused and wanted to make sure I was understanding his dark ass clearly.

"Wait, so let me get this kidnapped me or whatever just so you could--" And once again he cut me off.

"Nah see it wasn't like that." He said in a rush. 

"Well then, how is it because quite frankly I knew you since i was little--and you go and kidnapped me. Oh my God did you do this to my ex-best friend to?" I ask thinking about Trisha.

"Man girl, calm the f*Ck down, who are you talking about?"

He looked at me like he was just so confused. Mhmm that's how they try to get you, they try to act confused and then the next thin they're gagging you and stuffing you in basement.

"Don't try to play dumb with me."

He gave me a look like he wanted to slap me. I wish he would---it'd be his funeral.

"Maya now you know me, I wouldn't try to hurt anyone intentionally."

I snorted, "Yeah you mean I THOUGHT I knew you. Turns out i know nothing about you."

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