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A/n: Talk about a case of serious writer's block! Lol I'm sorry guys, for keeping you guys on your toes, on what's going to happen next. I've been sooooo busy w/ school and everytime I say I'll update I never do. I guess I just gotten pretty lazy w/ my writing which is a total shame. Anywho, hope you guys enjoy this chapter!

 I apologize for the lack of Updates! But when this book is over, I will be starting a new thug series, called Latin Kings! More action, and you WILL see characters from this book spawn into this one! So I'm still not sure whether or not I'll post a sample , of Latin Kings . . . But we will see in the next few chappies . . Enjoy fr this time.

[Maya Pov]

I was finally ready to leave this mall. I knew that I was planning on meeting Josh here, but where could that nigga be at? I was getting impatient and I already know that Andre was smelling something pretty fishy. I cringed when his eyes bored into my own. We kept trudging along in the mall, and finally found the foodcourt. Noise of busy old ladies pushing their grandkids strollers, pregnant mothers, annoyed Dad's, and screaming kids filled the small food section.

"I'm hungrier than a bitch." Andre said.

I half-laughed, but nothing was funny. Don't you ever just laugh, at something someone says, when in reality you have no idea what to say? Like the laugh is kinda forced, yet akward although that person that you're taling to doesn't know it's awkward? Yeah story of my life.

Honestly I just miss my Bae, Devon. I feel like I haven't seen him in years, even though I know I'm being dramatic. It's probably been like a month since we last kissed....touched or done anything in the moment. 

I sighed and waited for my cue for Josh to come. I had no idea how I was going to do this at all, but hopefully he will show up very very soon. Andre turned his head to look at me, "I said what you want?"

I guess I was zoned out, because I didn't notice that we were right in line for the Mc-Donalds line."Um just give me a Strawberry-Bananna smoothie." I say. I was hungry, but smoothies do the trick to cure my nervous mood. 

Andre nodded, and palced my order along with his. I grabbed the cold drink once it was finished, and we headed to the table to eat. Well in my case sip and get brain freeze. I waited impatiently as Andre slowly unwrapped his Mc-Chicken. This nigga better learn how to scarf that shit down for real. I tried not to watch him eat. 

True he was my child-hood long lost best friend, but years and a lot of distance can really change a person. He can be nice the next, and probably turn crazy the next. (Sorta like Devon when we had first met) .

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