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Chapter - TWO

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A/n: Welcome to chapter 2 of the sequel! I would advise you to go read the first two books before you start reading this one. Anyways thank you for the love and support!

This chapter is dedicated to  @Tweetybirdswagg to attempting to give me a book title. Thank you boo.


[Mecca pov]

The time that we had spent out was nice. Everyone was wearing their best casual clothes, we were rocking our Js, and gold chains. I was glad to be apart of the crew, but the image of Trisha lying in Nick's bathroom distrubed me. It was clear evidence that she had committed suicide, but why really?

What was Nick doing that was, making her go insane? Well I guess I should already know the answer, because Nick would do that to anyone..

I shuddered jsut thinking about everything had went down. I feel bad for everyone, because although I didn't know Trisha personally it still sucked ass that it was happening, it really did.

"Ya'll need to smile some more." Devon said to us. He was the one driving to this nice club area.

"How can we have fun, when Trisha is dead?" Josh spoke up in a sudden bored tone.

It was very quiet, before anyone spoke. Maya laughed nervously, "Easy. Let's not think about her right now. I'm not trying to be direspectful but, can we just have one more fun night before some shit pops off? Cause everyone know something always happens." 

"True, let's just think positive things." I add on. 

Maya gave me a small smile, and I just nodded my head. I made sure my makeup was looking right in the mirror, before Devon parked the car.

We all got out. The boys of course looked thuggish, but Maya and I looked a 'thug' kind of cute. People was waiting to get in the line, but Devon walked right up to the bouncer. He said a few words, and we got in quick and easy.

"You know connections?" I ask Devon as we enter the large club area.

"Hell yeah, these dues know not to mess with me. I am about that Black Disciple life." He joked, but only a hint of seriousness laced his voice.

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